Kelly and Brian

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Newport, RI

How We Met

Brian and I get up together. We’ve known each other since kindergarten and graduated from the same high school, class of 2006! We went off to college and grew apart. We were never super close but always friendly with one another in school and out and about.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Newport, RI

How They Asked

Brian attended Salve Regina University in Newport, RI. We make several trips a year there to go back and visit friends and the beautiful city. The campus sits along the ocean with the most breathtaking views. Whenever we visit, we drive along Ocean Drive to scope out the beautiful coastline. We have a “spot” where we just sit for a few minutes and watch the waves hit the rocks and enjoy the scenery. We typically plan a big Memorial Day friends weekend; rent a big house, have a bbq with friends from all over, go the beach, etc .. we use the weekend as a big reunion and kick off summer! Well this past May, I organized the weekend again, not realizing what was going to happen. Fifteen friends were at the house for a fun weekend – I ran out to the store with a friend to get a few things we forgot back home and ended up taking a detour to Ocean Drive on the way back to the house to show my friend the views!

We got to “our spot” so I could show my friend why I always rant and rave about how beautiful Newport is. We were taking a few pictures when Brian came out of nowhere. With a huge smile on his face and knowing he was supposed to be back at the house, I had a feeling something special was about to happen. He grabbed my hand, got down on one knee and then that’s when I blacked out. My best friend, my boyfriend of 8 years was PROPOSING! I turned around to see if my friend was in on this surprise and my two sisters were there too! They drove him to “our spot” where he proposed with the most beautiful ring! I was shaking. He was shaking. My sisters and friend were crying and cheering. It was surreal. Our favorite spot, with my favorite person. We all went back to the house where everyone was waiting with champagne ready and the house was decorated with balloons and everything! We were surrounded by so much love and it is a weekend that we will NEVER forget.