Kelly-Ann and Jensen

How They Asked

So, Jensen and I recently moved to Denver, CO. I’ve been the planning point person on organizing the move, so I told him that if he wanted to go on vacation before we moved (and he started his new job) that he’d have to plan the trip. We did some resort research together and landed on a specific resort that fit our budget but I left the details of booking to him.

When we landed in St. Lucia, there were a number of hotel booths in the airport for guests to check-in and I didn’t see ours anywhere. I was looking back and forth and Jensen finally said to me “Actually, we’re staying there.” He pointed to the hotel booth for Jade Mountain, which was a resort I had shown him on some “amazing hotels of the world” list awhile back. I was really surprised and excited as I remember the resort being BEAUTIFUL. So we went to the booth to check-in and the woman who checked us in told us “Your helicopter will be here in 20 minutes.”

Again, I was shocked and excited. It was my first helicopter ride! We had been ring shopping so I started to think something was up… We took a helicopter to this beautiful resort in which our room had no fourth wall – just open air to the mountains with an infinity pool in our room! But Jensen didn’t propose that day – he said he wanted to throw me off. And, he did! I started to think maybe he just wanted to celebrate his new job and our move.

Before we went on vacation, Jensen had asked if I was interested in re-reading the first Harry Potter book (I really love Harry Potter and wear a deathly hallows necklace everyday). I told him, “Of course! That sounds amazing.” So the second day of our trip, after we got out of our pool and were sitting on our balcony, he asked if I wanted to start Harry Potter; I said yes and he went to get the book. When he came back, I opened the book and was confused – it looks like someone had written in it (I didn’t read the actual words), so I leaned over to him and said “Jensen, I think someone wrote in this! Does yours look like this???” “Just read it…I wrote in it…” he answered. I looked back down and he had changed the first chapter of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone from “The Boy Who Lived” to “The Boy Who Loved” and had written a few page note about our lives together from how we met to when we fell in love to today.

I was very overwhelmed while reading when I started to realize what was happening… When I finished reading, he was down on one knee proposing! Spoiler alert: I said yes! Then, I promptly told him I needed to re-read the note because there were too many things going on in my head while I was reading it. PS: We kept our engagement a secret for a week from everyone but our parents as we were having a Bon Voyage party with my entire extended family and close friends the next weekend. We announced it there to the surprise of them all & it was really fun to get to tell most of our family and close friends all in person!


Special Thanks

Bernd Rac
 | Engagement Photographer
Jade Mountain
 | Location