Kelly and Zachary

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How We Met

Embarrassing enough to admit, we met on a dating app. But we later found out, we had many mutual friends, and he also went to college with my sister! She actually wondered why she hadn’t thought of us as a match before, because we were perfect!

how they asked

I walked up our apartment stairs after breakfast with my mom and sister, and was met at the door with sunflowers at my feet. The front door read “I have a surprise for you, close your eyes and I’ll take care of the rest”. He opened the door with watery eyes.. I heard our song “I cant help falling in love”- Haley Reinhart’s rendition.

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100 sunflowers covered our apartment with balloons attached to pictures of us throughout the years. We danced (and cried) and then he said “lets do this forever KB” and then got down on one knee and proposed!” Luckily the whole thing was documented on a GoPro Zach borrowed from his friend Tyler <3 .

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Our Video

Special Thanks

Tyler Ryan
 | Videographer
Jennifer Broccoli
 | Planning
Jimmy Marsh
 | Planning