Kelly and Zach

Image 1 of Kelly and Zach Image 2 of Kelly and Zach

Zach and I met last year and became best friends right away, on feb 14 he asked me to be his girlfriend. In June 2015 Zach deployed overseas for a job. This year I thought he was going to miss our one year anniversary but he had a surprise up his sleeve. Zach came home to surprise me. We had one of our date nights to celebrate and went to eat at the Cheesecake Factory then saw a movie. Zach and I always take pictures In a photo booth when they are available we have tons of pictures from different ones and different places. Well after the movie there was a photobooth (the first one we ever did) so of course we go in and took more pictures. We took a couple then I said that’s good and he said lets do one more. Well during this last one I told him to look at the camera and he said look at this, and he asked me to be his forever girl. It was the best moment I could have ever imagined.