Kelly and Tyler

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Charleston, SC

How We Met

Tyler and I are forever grateful to the dating app, Bumble. Without it, we would have never met given our crazy busy schedules! We clicked immediately, messaging each other about our mutual love for all things Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, college basketball, and breakfast food. However, I was still skeptical after many, many terrible first dates through dating apps. After nearly NOT going to our first date, I decided at the last minute to meet Tyler for dinner at what is now our favorite spot in town. I remember texting my now-Maid of Honor and saying, “Oh my gosh! I actually liked this guy!” Tyler and I shut down the restaurant chatting and carrying on. I knew there was something special about him immediately. As he walked me to my car after our first date, I looked at him and said, “So, are you going to ask me for my number?” Tyler told me later that he was thankful that I was so forward – it made it clear that I was in to him and gave him an honest look at my personality – ha! It’s been the most incredible two and a half years of K+T (celebrations, graduations, new jobs, new cities, our fur children, lots of amazing food), and I cannot wait to see where the future takes us.

And of course many thanks to our amazing photographer, Angie McPherson, who so wonderfully captured our joy in our engagement photos! Can’t wait for October 5th!!

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Kelly and Tyler's Engagement in Charleston, SC

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How They Asked

Fast forward a year and a half after our first date, when Tyler and I took a weekend trip to Charleston, SC. We rented an adorable Airbnb downtown. I had a feeling that Tyler was going to propose over the weekend. He kept talking about a park nearby, going on a dessert tour and going out to dinner at this adorable Italian restaurant. Little did I know, Tyler had planned coffee in bed, complete with K+T mugs. He proposed, in his underwear no less, on a beautiful Saturday morning over Memorial Day weekend with my favorite coffee in bed. It was a complete surprise! Even more special, Tyler designed the ring himself. He knew that I loved a simple, vintage (the 1920s, Art Deco) design, much like my great-grandmother’s ring, which my mom has. I am absolutely in love with it and still catch myself staring a year later!

He then went even further to have planned a professional photo shoot in the park he kept mentioning. We went on a fabulous dessert tour followed by an amazing, romantic dinner.

Friends were in town, too, and we were able to meet up with them for a celebratory night out. It was the perfect day!

Special Thanks

Riverland Studios
 | Photographer
Angie McPherson
 | Photographer