Kelly and Tyler

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How We Met

We met on Bumble! I was Tyler’s first-ever dating app date. I was just moving from Santa Monica to Venice the week we matched. He offered to help move me in as a first date- not wanting to be the inspiration for the next Criminal Minds, I kindly suggested an alternative for drinks after the move. Since everything was closed down with the pandemic, he set up a picnic date for to-go tacos and margaritas at the Venice Whaler. We immediately hit it off, and many costumes were worn, cities traveled to and memories made are so excited to be getting married!

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How They Asked

It was a total surprise! I had made plans to grab a drink with my brother on St. Patrick’s Day- little did I know that it was a set up by Tyler to surprise me at our first date spot on the beach!! We walked to the Venice Whaler and grabbed to-go margaritas while “waiting for my brother”. Wanting to catch the sunset, we walked out to the beach just on the edge of the water. Tyler began talking about our first date… the first time he said “I love you”… our first time living together with our cats… and thinking we were having a conversation, I kept chiming in. Unbeknownst to me, he was just about to get down on one knee when I hugged him to say, “you’re being so nice!

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Are we having a cute moment?” Again- a total surprise! It was then that he took out the ring box, bent down on one knee, and asked me to marry him. Cute moment indeed! Stunned, I then heard whooping from above us on the pier- he had brought in our parents (and my brother) to celebrate and share the moment with us! After the proposal, Tyler had set up a pop-up lounge area on the beach for us to pop champagne and celebrate. We are extremely close with our families, so this really made for an evening on the beach we’ll treasure for all the years to come.

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