Kelly and Troy

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How We Met

Troy and I met while attending SMU, in Dallas, Texas. It was Troy’s senior fraternity Away-Weekend in Austin, Texas, and we both had other dates. I was a freshman and super nervous to for the weekend – especially since I was set up on a blind date (wing woman for my friend). That Friday evening, Troy and I happened to lock eyes from across the bar. I went to approach him and he offered me his hand, pulled me up on the stage he was dancing on, then he kissed me. Little did we know, it would be our last first kiss. We proceeded to introduce ourselves, went on our first date 3 days later, and the rest is history!

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how they asked

Since the beginning of 2015, Troy had told me his aunt and uncle were having an anniversary party in L.A. over Memorial Day Weekend. We travel to L.A. often to visit his family, so nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Just a few weeks prior, Troy’s mom called and said she made a mistake and scheduled missionaries to stay at their home the same weekend. The missionaries would not be leaving until Saturday afternoon and much of Troy’s family would be traveling in, so unfortunately there was not enough room for Troy and I to stay at the house. Troy’s parents thought it would be easiest to put us in a hotel Thursday and Friday night. They both told us how sorry they felt for having to put us in a hotel for two nights so to make it up to us, they booked us a room at the Ritz-Carlton Laguna Niguel for Friday night.

We spent a few hours enjoying our time wandering the beautiful property, but we then had dinner reservations at 6:00p.m. (I thought to myself –how old are we, 80??..) Troy said that was the only time we could get into the Steakhouse. So naturally, we decided to have a few glasses of champagne while we got ready. Shortly before “dinner,” we decided to bring the rest of our champagne down to enjoy with a spectacular ocean view.

At this point, I still had no suspicions. We walk to the cliff’s edge arm-in-arm and I notion to Troy several times that I wanted to sit down on the chair, but he didn’t acknowledge my requests.

[Troy here: I was trying not to sweat, forget my words, or give away the surprise too early—but most importantly I was trying NOT to get in an argument moments before I ask Kelly to marry me!]

[Kelly]: I finally decided I was just going to sit down. As I went to take a seat, Troy grab my hands and turned me around. He began speaking with the words “I can’t believe we’ve been together for over three years now” … and I immediately knew what was happening. I started balling as he continued to express his feelings. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring. I obviously said YES, and I could not have been happier! To top it all off, there were two photographers hidden in the bushes capturing every second with the beautiful view behind us. After the proposal, the photographers took us around to several stunning locations for an engagement photo shoot. Dinner was really scheduled for 8:00 :) It was the most magical night.

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Special Thanks

Jack Randall Photography
 | Proposal Photographer