Kelly and Trevor

294202_10151959662579408_1295087756_nHow We Met: It all started back in high school, when we first met. We both became 6th grade camp counselors. We spent a week with a few other high school students and a handful of teachers being counselors for a group of 6th graders from a local elementary school. That week changed my life. It sounds cliche, but the moment I met him, I knew he would be someone very special to me. I even remember writing in my journal about how he is the type of guy I could see myself marrying. We became very close and developed an amazing friendship right away. He would constantly make me laugh, a quality I find so attractive. Trevor has always been a romantic, even when we were just friends. I would often get a text from him to check my mailbox where he would frequently leave me surprises, such as my favorite candy. Every smart man knows the way to a girls heart is chocolate! The spark between us was always there, it just was never the right timing. We eventually went to different colleges in different states and the long distance took a toll on us. However, Trevor decided to move back to Michigan his sophomore year and attended the same college as myself.

We quickly reconnected and from then on we have been inseparable. From the moment I met Trevor he has been the biggest encouragement in my life, always pushing me to be a better person and helping me to reach my goals. He has shown me true love and has always put our relationship first. As we grow together in our relationship, we continue to keep Christ at the center, which has shown to be such a blessing. It’s amazing to look back and think that just one decision to be a camp counselor back in high school brought me to the man of my dreams!

how they asked: The morning of the proposal I woke up and got ready for church. I took one last look in the mirror and thought to myself, “If he proposes to me today, I don’t think I want to wear this.” So I decided to change last minute into the outfit I imagined myself wearing if he were to propose. You may be thinking that there must have been some reason why I had this thought. However, it really was just a gut feeling. We had plans that day to go to church, then out to lunch with his family, and then to Lake Michigan where his parents were camping. But I guess I just sensed that something spectacular just might happen that day! So Trevor picked me up for church, and afterwards we drove out to the restaurant for lunch. He pulled up to the front and said that he’ll drop me off so I could put our name in. I said “No, why don’t you just park and I’ll walk in with you.” He immediately says “No it’s fine, I’ll let you out here because i’m going to park down the street.” Well I didn’t mind walking, so again I said “It’s ok, I’ll walk with you.” “Can you just please get out of the car?” was his next response. I thought that he sounded a little agitated in his response so I figured I should probably get out of the car. As I walk up to the door, his sister is waiting for me. Which I think nothing of because the plan as far as I knew it was to meet his family there. I remember looking back and seeing Trevor still sitting in his car at the front of the restaurant looking at his phone. He sure was taking his sweet time I thought. So I walked in with his sister and she says that we already have a table. She leads me to the back of the restaurant though a doorway and when I turn towards the table I see all my best girlfriends and my sister. Then I notice a photographer and videographer filming me. I instantly knew what was happening. Today’s the day! I sit down at the table to see two wine glasses with “Love is Patient” and “Love is Kind” engraved on them. Next to that is a note from Trevor. In the note he tells me how much he loves me and that this day is all about me. He also tells me to give my phone to his sister because I will not be needing it. His note made me tear up of course, and I can’t even focus on ordering food. I order a salad and can barely eat it because I am just so excited. My friends are so giddy, all having permanent smiles on their faces.


We eat lunch, take some pictures outside and then they take me to a clothing store. At the entrance of the clothing store is another note from Trevor. This time he is telling me to get my “fashion team” together because I am to pick out an outfit and accessories for the day. Immediately my friends scatter throughout the store searching for the perfect outfit. However, I must remind you that I changed that morning specifically to wear the outfit I was wearing. So I tried on a few dresses but nothing I tried on beat what I was wearing. So we decided to pick out the perfect accessories instead. Although, I did end up purchasing a dress too.


Next stop was the nail salon where another note was waiting for me, as well as a Pandora charm. My friends even went next door to get me Starbucks. On the Starbucks cup was the hashtag #TenBrinktobe. (His last name is TenBrink). That’s when I was told that my friends as well as Trevor had been posting pictures to Instagram with that hashtag throughout the day, so that people who weren’t able to be with us could still follow along via Instagram. After the nail salon we drove down town Grand Rapids to the beautiful Amway Grand Hotel. When we enter the hotel room I am greeted by two of my close friends from church who have been such positive influences on my life. They also happen to be fabulous at doing hair and make up. As at every spot, there is another note from Trevor. We spent an hour getting ready, freshening up, and indulging in my favorite snacks and drinks Trevor had placed in the room for us. Once we were all ready, we went down to the circle drive where a fancy Corvette was waiting for me.


A friend of Trevor’s family took me on a nice drive in the stylish car around the city and dropped me off at the “Blue Bridge” that crosses the river down town Grand Rapids. My girlfriends were waiting for me there and as we crossed the bridge there were things written on the ground with sidewalk chalk such as “Kelly + Trevor” and “Love is Patient.” When I looked up, I saw two musicians, one playing the guitar and the other the violin. I knew immediately who it was. I used to work at a coffee shop where they would play music at night. My boss was an amazing violinist and would play frequently himself. So when I heard the violin I knew right away it was him. I quickly gave them a hug and read the next note from Trevor. This one came with a gift of “dancing shoes.” We spent a few minutes dancing to the old familiar tunes and writing our own sayings with side walk chalk. Then we walked over to another area downtown where my mom, his mom, and the two girls from church were waiting. Trevor picked these four women specifically because they are amazing positive Christian influences on my life.


At this time, these four women each gave me marriage advice, which was so emotional! After that all of these ladies, including my friends and sisters, gathered around me, placing a hand on me, and prayed for Trevor and I individually. This too was so emotional, yet so powerful. I have been blessed with the most amazing women in my life to encourage me and be such great support systems. After this, an old school bus, refurbished into a “party bus” picked us up and took us out to Lake Michigan. It’s a 30 minute drive and all the girls and I had a great time listening to music, dancing and singing.


As we got closer to the destination, I was almost certain where we were going. As the bus came up to the destination, I was blind folded and everyone else got off the bus. After I waited impatiently I was handed a picture book that Trevor had made. I took the blindfold off and began looking at pictures from over the past 6 years of Trevor and I. At the end of the book he had written “Only one question left to answer.” My heart was pounding and I couldn’t wait to get off the bus, because I would finally get to see him! As I had thought, we were at Rosey Mound, which was a trail through the woods which lead to the beach. As I start walking down the trail, I see my mom and dad. My mom is holding a sign that says “Love is Patient” and my dad is holding a picture of Trevor and I. The moment I saw my dad, tears instantly start falling. My parents have been such an amazing example of love and being a daddy’s girl, seeing my dad just brought on the tears. I give them hugs and continue to walk down the path. Every ten yards or so was another important pair of people in my life, each one either holding a picture of Trevor and I or part of the 1st Corinthians 13 verse. The trail is almost a mile long, so as I was walking I kept gathering more and more of my favorite people who followed behind me. The last part of the trail is a beautiful lookout spot where you can see Lake Michigan. Just as I was coming down the steps I see Trevor waiting for me, holding the last line of the verse “Love never Fails.” I instantly hug him and he leads me to the look out area, which also happened to have a string quartet playing beside it.


He takes my hands and starts reciting 1st Corinthians 13. I am so thankful that Trevor was able to get this whole day on tape, because without it, I would have no idea what he said to me after that! He then got down on one knee, and asked me to marry him!

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 2.11.01 PM

I gave him a kiss and said “Of course!” and he then placed the most beautiful ring on my finger. All my friends and family cheered and there were hugs and kisses all around.

It was the most beautiful perfect day. Full of so much love and so many blessings. Trevor absolutely spoiled me! I am so excited to go on this journey we call life with such an extraordinary man. I’m one lucky girl!


Photography by Brooke VanAsse
Videographer by Anne Smith