Kelly and Stéphane

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How We Met

Stéphane and Kelly met at the University of Utah in their screendance class. On the first day of class, Stéphane sat next to Kelly, who promptly informed him that he was “in the wrong class.” He politely explained to her that she was wrong (and much hasn’t changed since that first day). Shortly after the two met, they began dating and found any reason to hang out together. Throughout the years, they have gone on many adventures and traveled to Maine, Louisiana, DC, four corners, New York, and Paris. They plan to travel to Asia for their honeymoon, and continue traveling together until they grow old.

how they asked

After almost 2 years of dating Stéphane asked Kelly’s Dad Don for her hand in marriage. He of course said yes, but that may have been because he waited till they hiked to the top of a mountain to ask. He was so out of breath, he had to say yes! Kelly’s Dad promptly shared the news with the family, who began taking bets on when Stéphane would pop the question. Many family members thought he would propose in Paris, on the family ski trip, or during a holiday. Nobody saw the proposal coming until he called everyone a week before.

Stéphane set up an elaborate plan to surprise Kelly with a proposal. He planned a film shoot to bring Kelly to the film studio at the University of Utah. He gathered all of their best friends and gave them roles as performers and film crew. He sent out call sheets, developed (hilarious) choreography with the other dancers, and set up the equipment with the rest of the film crew. During the planning and process leading to the shoot, Stéphane had to keep Kelly off his tracks. She thought he might be proposing sometime soon, but he managed to convince her that he had always planned to propose during Kelly’s annual family trip to Pensacola, Florida. After coordinating the whole shoot, setting up the space, and rehearsing the shoot thoroughly with Kelly and the dancers, he finally proposed. During the final shot of the film shoot, Stéphane and the dancers switched up their choreography, and Stéphane surprised Kelly on one knee.

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Of course, she said yes, and went right away to planning the wedding.

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