Kelly and Sam

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How We Met

Sam and I met when I was an intern at the food company he was working for in between my junior and senior year of college at Virginia Tech. We first met when I went to intern orientation in Athens, OH in late March of 2014. Sam had been working in the freezer all morning and was bundled up in a giant coat and hat and scarf, he came into the intern orientation room to ask his manager a question and I could barely see his face but I could tell he was really cute! We then went on a tour of the facility and when we passed Sam’s office I couldn’t help but notice we made long eye contact with each other. At the end of the tour he walked out at the same time as us, I used to be a shy person when it came to interacting with guys but something about Sam made me introduce myself first. I asked if he was coming to lunch with everyone and he said “I’ve already worked long enough for a Saturday, I’ll see you in May.” As soon as I got into my car to drive back to Blacksburg, I immediately called my mom to tell her about the cute boy that worked at the company I was interning at for the summer.

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Fast forward to mid-May and I’m moving into a house with all the other interns in Ohio. Sam was friends with one of the other interns through school so he came over to check out the house and say hi. Sam wrote down his number for all of us in case we needed anything and I jokingly said, “So we can call you to come to smash spiders?” He laughed and then invited all of us to go disc golfing later that day and we all agreed to go. Once we met up with Sam, I sneakily took a snapshot of him to send to my mom and all my friends to show how cute he was (creep status lol).

Throughout the first week of working, we had some interactions here and there and I always over analyzed to determine if he also liked me. At one point he said that he liked my shoes because they matched my top, I said thank you but in my head I was thinking, this guy has to like me, no guy comments on a girl’s shoes! As it turned out it was because he liked me! We went longboarding with a group of friends the Friday of Memorial Day weekend and after a few runs himself, he asked if me or the other intern that tagged along wanted to try. My liquid confidence helped me, volunteer, albeit I had never longboarded in my entire life, as soon as I got on the longboard I immediately fell backward and Sam caught me. We later went to a few bars and our first kiss happened outside of the Red Brick Tavern. We were inseparable the rest of the summer and spent my senior year of college traveling countless miles between Athens, OH, and Blacksburg, VA to see each other as much as possible.

After graduating I moved to Asheville, NC for a job and Sam moved to Denver, CO for a job. We spent about 6 months doing extreme long distance and realized we never wanted to be apart again and I moved back to my hometown of Denver. We’ve been together for 4 years, done one college graduation, 4 different jobs, 3 different cities, countless vacations, 1 apartment, 1 house and 2 cats and 1 dog later, I wouldn’t have it any other way!

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how they asked

Once we were both back in Colorado we started to make yearly trips to Telluride for a long weekend of hiking, friends, and fun! Sam and I had just gone on a trip to Europe earlier in 2018 and I thought he was going to propose then. When it didn’t happen in Europe, I put it out of my head and didn’t even think it was going to happen anytime soon, especially not on our annual Telluride trip. We had originally planned to go on the Bridal Veil falls hike on Saturday but it rained all day so it was postponed to Sunday. We had gone out to the bars in Telluride the night before so everyone was a little hungover and tired for the hike. I noticed Sam was being a little weird but I just thought he was hungover.

We got up to the old mine entrance part of the hike and wandered around and took some pictures, Sam then asked me to take a picture with him. I handed my phone to one of our friends and went over to take the picture, we took a few and then I started to walk away to get my phone when Sam said, “Let’s just take one more.” So I walk back over and as we’re about to take the picture he turns me to look at him. He said, “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, this place is beautiful and you’re beautiful.” That’s when he got down on one knee and pulled out the ring, I was so shocked and excited I don’t even know if I said yes, I just kissed him! Sam had gotten all of our friends in on the secret and I was the only one out of the loop! I’m so happy they were there to capture the moment and celebrate with us!