Kelly and Roy

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How we Met

The first time we met was at my parent’s house. I was about 17 and Roy 21. He was a friend of my step sister. I was super embarrassing and my sister had me do my cheer from cheerleading… so lame/embarrassing haha. But a few years later we started talking over Facebook and after awhile decided to go on a date. The rest is history!! I had been in a terrible relationship before Roy and had doubts about the faithfulness of men – I remember questioning Roy and him making me a promise that we were a team and would get through anything together – I can still hear him say to me “I promise you, I’m not like those other guys..” – I grew so much trust in that very moment and he has never strayed from his promise.

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how they asked

We were in Jamaica and it was Roy’s birthday and we were heading out for the day to go on excursions. We were with his Aunt, Uncle and 2 cousins who decided to join us once they knew of Roy’s plan… I snuck off the morning of his birthday and was running around the resort to set up special surprise dinner for him, get the room decorated with balloons etc. to try and surprise HIM – little did I know I was giving him the time he needed as well.

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We packed our bag (the ring was in and I carried it a lot of the day!!), climbed waterfalls, visited friends and at about 4:30 pm Roy said he wanted to go to check out the caves – I was exhausted by this point, but how do I say no to the birthday boy?!? So off we went to the caves! I scrounged around in our bag looking for a warmer shirt to wear in the caves (he was apparently having a heart attack that I was going to see the ring… lol) – He told me he needed to change from his swimsuit (sneaky!) We put on hard hats and headed into the caves and saw so many neat things. At one point we came across a wishing well in the caves, and I remember I took a photo with Roy’s cousins, turned around to look into the wishing well, looked back and EVERYONE had disappeared except Roy and me… Roy told me to make a wish with him and I still had not figured anything out so I told him I didn’t bring a coin. lol.

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He told me to make a wish anyways – I told him I wished that I would have him forever, he said the same and got down on one knee. I was ecstatic, happy, shocked and overwhelmed all at the same moment when I said YES! We had a few minutes alone – I was so excited I had the biggest smile on my face and tears of joy running down. When we walked out of the cave, Roy’s family was there cheering and ready to celebrate with us!! (Don’t ask me about the rest of the tour, it all became a blur after that!) – The night was also planned for a great celebration since I planned it that same morning without even knowing ;)

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