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How We Met

On May 30, 2015, a night out changed my life forever.

Out for my bud Dave’s birthday, a group of friends and I went to Southtown Pub for some drinks and karaoke. With it being a packed-house on a Saturday night, we were struggling to find a spot for all of us. Over in the far corner of the bar was a large table with only two women sitting at it. I approached and asked if they would mind us sharing the space with them, to which they agreed. I struck up a conversation with the two of them once we settled in. While both were very friendly and attractive, I could not take my eyes of the one sitting right across from me.

After some casual chatting, the one across from me, Kelly, eventually exclaimed “I don’t know what song I should sing! What do you think?” She then slid her phone over to me to reveal a full list of songs. I excitedly (and slightly anxiously) pulled out my phone to show a very similar song list. Through this simple exchange, we had suddenly formed an instant karaoke connection.

When she got up to sing her first song, I was mesmerized at her talent, beauty, and bold spirit. As the night went on and I was still waiting to get called up for my turn, we continued talking and learning more about each other. It was near the end of the evening that things finally took their turn.

Heading up to check on my place and put in another song for my karaoke crush, the DJ informed me that they were out of time to take any more songs. He said they were going to get my already-requested song in as the final one of the evening, and that would be it. Thinking quickly, I headed back to the table and told Kelly that they didn’t have time to get her next song in. I then proposed that she could take my final slot, but only if she’d do a duet with me…

Like any good love story, she agreed, and like any good love story, it was totally cheesy: We (rather appropriately) sang “Summer Nights” by Grease together. Once the song was over, we exchanged numbers and parted with a friendly “high-five.” Little did either of us know that two simple acts of kindness–to share a table and share a song–had started a significant new chapter in our lives.

On June 30, 2015, after a few casual get-togethers, we went out on our first official date at Bar Italia and walked over to The Muny in Forest Park. At the end of the evening, on the front doorstep of Kelly’s house, we shared our first kiss.

Over the next two years, we shared so much more: questions, answers, laughs, cries, conversations—the fun, the awkward, the casual, and the raw, deep ones that draw two people closer—family/friend gatherings, trips, birthdays, funerals, and weddings. After spending the vast majority of our lives apart, this karaoke couple was writing a new song together… and each new verse was more enjoyable than the last.

(This photo is us singing at Southtown Pub–long after we’d started dating and expanded our vocal horizons…)

how they asked

On June 29, 2017, up 30,000 feet in the air, an idea changed my life forever.

Flying back home from a work conference in Boston, half-asleep against a window seat, a thought dropped out of the sky. It was a vision of not only proposing to Kelly, but also exactly how I was going to do it: Kelly’s sister would meet up with her to hang out, and ask if they could watch a video she made for class. It would culminate with me again on her front doorstep… but this time to ask for her hand in marriage. This video is that vision turned to reality.

Thanks to the immense talents of my brother Danny’s filming skills and friend Sam’s editing ability to make my singing sound decent—and getting by with a little (no, a LOT) of help from my friends and family—a nearly-five month-old idea concocted on an airplane was perfectly executed. For that, I am forever grateful.

On November 19, 2017, a question (and more importantly, the answer) enhanced by life forever: Kelly Lou DeNoyer, my karaoke duet partner, agreed to be my partner in marriage. In the words of her mother, she is a woman that I Love Around the World and Back Again… and plan to continue doing so.


Proposal Ideas Outside of her house

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