Kelly and Nico

How We Met

Summer 2016 was the catalyst for where I am today. I moved to Maine for the summer to be a camp counselor at my old camp, and went straight from Maine to Anaheim, California to start an internship at the Disneyland Resort. Going into the Disney College Program straight from my summer job, I was nervous and excited. Working for Disney had always been a dream of mine, little did I know I’d find my new dream in the following months. One night after Mickey’s Halloween Party, my roommate Hailey and I had gone to In-N-Out, snapchatting how ridiculous we looked dressed as Lilo and Stitch while eating, still weeks away from Halloween. One of the guys who was also in the College Program saw Hailey’s snapchat of us eating and asked her to bring In-N-Out back to the apartments for him. When we got back, Nico came to our apartment to get his food and ended up staying and hanging out with us and some other friends the rest of the night. The weeks that followed were full of us visiting each other at our locations while working at Disneyland, going to the parks together, falling asleep on the couch watching movies and the realization that we had matched on Tinder at the beginning of the program. Then came the mid-program party. All of the Disney College Program participants were invited to an Old Hollywood themed party right in front of the Tower of Terror. We rode the ride and danced all night with our friends. That night when we got back to the apartments, Nico asked me to be his girlfriend.

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how they asked

Unfortunately, the program ended, and we had to leave Disneyland. I went back to Bakersfield in California to finish my last semester of college and Nico went back to Spokane, Washington. It was never a question of whether or not we would stay together long distance, both of us just knew we would, and counted down the days until my college graduation together. We facetimed every night and did our best to see each other as much as possible. I knew Nico was coming to watch me graduate in May, and thought that maybe my hand would be a little heavier after crossing the stage, and not because it was carrying my diploma! We had talked about engagement and rings and our future a lot, and I knew that this was right. He and I were meant to be, and if we’re being honest, I knew it within the first week we met. Spring Break was about a month before graduation, and I had my plane ticket to visit Nico one more time before we never had to be apart again. I was so excited to relax and watch movies together all the time before having to stress out about finals. We had planned to go see the new Beauty and the Beast one night, and got downtown a little early to walk around the park and see the river that runs through downtown Spokane. We started walking across a bridge, and I was reluctant because the water levels were so high, everyone on the middle of the bridge was getting splashed! Before I knew it, the splashes of water didn’t matter because Nico was on one knee in front of me and at the point my clothes were more wet from my tears than the raging river below us. The moment was so quick but so slow at the same time and I was so excited, all I could say was “Duh!” after he asked. Once the world started moving around us again, I saw his parents standing at the end of the bridge waving and taking pictures of us. I’m sure Beauty and the Beast was a great moment, but I was so distracted by my ring and my fiance sitting next to me in the theater that I could hardly focus the entire time.

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