Kelly and Neil

How We Met: Neil and I met at CMU during my second year and his first year of college. My friend Brittanie dragged me out with her one night where I had my first experience at Phi Sigma Phi’s famous date auction. Neil was not yet apart of the fraternity but his older brother Jeff was (My Greek Big Bro), and nothing came out of it since I was not even single at the time. The following year, Brittanie dragged me to Phi Sigma Phi again for a house party in which I just happend to be single. After the party, Neil facebooked, called, and texted continuously asking me to hang out, but I always found some reason not to. Finally, after a long Greek Week we began to hang out and the rest is history <3

how they asked: After Neil and I returned home from a late dinner, Neil went down to the basement, and I put on my pajamas and snuggled with Bentley in front of the TV upstairs (as usual). Bentley went downstairs and was supposed to come back up with a note around his collar. The first time, though, he “fumbled” the note at my feet.

I could hear Neil creeping around in the kitchen and go back downstairs so I decided to get up and go ask Neil what he was doing.  I told him that he could watch whatever he wanted upstairs because I would be going to bed shortly…

But Neil was acting weird (nervous) and made something up so I just went back upstairs again. Neil came back up, got the note and grabbed Bentley (who was snuggled up) again. A couple minutes later Bentley came back up the stairs with the note actually taped to his collar this time.

I went downstairs, as the note said, and Neil had Brad Paisley’s “It’s time to put a ring on her finger, I’m wrapped around” playing over the speakers. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.  My first response was, “are you serious?” and of course said YES! <3

Photos by Defining Moments by Sheri Marie, located in Los Angeles. Sheri also serves all of Michigan, Illinois, Georgia, and more.