Kelly and Nate

Image 1 of Kelly and NateHow we met: Nate and I met online and instantly clicked on the first date. On our second date, we spent over 6 hours talking at my favorite restaurant, and were the last two people out when they closed. We’ve been attached at the hip ever since.

how they asked: Apparently, he’d been carrying the ring around for over a month, just waiting for the right moment. We had planned a Caribbean cruise in February, and he planned to ask me the day before we left. He had the ring box in his pocket when we met for lunch, and I was oblivious. Didn’t even see it sticking out of his jacket pocket. At the end of our walk, he suggested we should go to one of our favorite bridges, however, I had to get back to work because my lunch hour was over, so there went that plan. He ended up carrying it in his backpack for three days on the cruise and in the ports, waiting for the perfect moment. We were in Antigua, hiking on a trail at an old colonial dockyard. At the top, we could overlook a bay, filled with tons of beautiful sailboats and turqouise water. I couldn’t stop saying how it was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. I was mesmerized. He decided that was the moment, and got into the backpack for “water”. He kissed me for a lot longer time than our usual kisses and it felt very passionate. He then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him. There was no one else around, and we had all of this beautiful setting to ourselves (for all I know, there could have been hundreds of people nearby, but in that moment, it at least felt like we were the only people alive). I cried like a baby and said yes (although, he doesn’t remember hearing me say it).