Kelly and Mike

How We Met

My Fiancé Mike and I met in June 2015 in the traditional way that most millennials do…through online dating (hehe). I am from the parkland/coral springs area of FL and my Fiancé spent most of his childhood bouncing between Memphis, TN, Peachtree City, GA and Jupiter, FL. We both attended Florida State University during the same years and had numerous mutual friends, but unfortunately, we were dating other people at the time…so we never formally met. It took us almost one month of talking before actually meeting one another in person. At the time I was serving on Jury Duty for over a month on a case and was overwhelmed.

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Our first date lasted nearly 6 hours and I knew from that moment that this individual was very special and that my life was about to change. Over the past 3 ½ years we have experienced so much with one another from numerous trips, embracing our mutual love for adventure, Disney and experiencing happy moments with family and friends as well as loss. However, through everything, we have had each other to lean on and learn from. The great thing about my best friend is that he has taught me the value of love and life and to enjoy every moment we have with one another.

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How They Asked

Every November a few of my close sorority sisters, myself and our significant others host a Friendsgiving in the Blue Ridge Mountains. This past weekend was our 4th annual Friendsgiving and it became a very special one for me. One of our favorite things to do in Blue Ridge is going to Mercier Orchards to pick apples, drink wine and try some fun tasty treats altogether. We always dress up in our favorite flannels and take lots of fun photos.

This year, thinking it was like any year we did just this, but up in the orchards during our photo shoot my best friend got down on one knee and asked me to walk through life with him. After the confusion and tears I, of course, said yes! All my friends had been in on this for nearly a year and had assisted in planning this special day for me. It was truly the perfect moment and I have never been more excited to call this man my fiancé.

Kelly and Mike's Engagement in Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge, GA

Special Thanks

Chelsea Jaggard
 | Sorority sister who helped my fiance with ring selection and day of asking me surprises!
Elizabeth Selle
 | Sorority sister who assisted in this special day and took great photos!