Kelly and Michael

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How We Met

Michael and I found each other on the Catholic Match website. We each knew we wanted to find a meaningful relationship, and were unknowingly searching for each other for some time. A week after we started sending messages on the site, we began texting each other, and the following week we met in person. We met each other at Cold Stone Creamery for our first date.

how they asked

It was a week before our one year anniversary, and I had the idea of going to check out the new silo lookout at Turkey Run Park because it was a beautiful, clear, sunny day. We hopped in the car and shortly thereafter arrived at the foot of the silo. Michael “just so happened” to have a handmade book in his back seat and he suggested that we read it at the top of the silo.
Upon arriving at the summit, we realized that it was quite windy, and there was nobody else around. At this point, Michael began reading the book to me, which documented our first year together.

Several pages in, Michael made his intentions clear by revealing that he’d been secretly talking to my parents when I was taking classes for my Master’s degree. He then put the book on the floor while getting down on one knee to propose. Before even finishing the question, I had said yes probably 5 times. Hugging and kissing ensued, and an attempt at a picture at the top of the windy silo failed horribly. We rushed home to tell our families the great news!

Special Thanks

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