Kelly and Michael

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How We Met

I actually met Michael at our local elementary school….YES! We go back that far. I had always heard about him in passing from mutual friends of ours but never really paid any mind until we entered high school.

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We began talking more and more and realized we had an insane amount of things in common, sports being the major thing. We realized quickly that we both shared a love of basketball and were both Knicks fans (if you’re from New York you can understand the love-hate relationship you can have with this team).

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We became fast friends and soon enough I couldn’t imagine going a day without speaking to him. If anything happened in my life he was the first person I’d pick up the phone to text or call – so much so that I racked up a pretty hefty phone bill one time (Sorry mom!).

As time progressed we made it official and we’ve been inseparable ever since. Proms, graduations, first jobs – you name it we’ve experienced it all together and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!

how they asked

Boy did he ask! As mentioned in our “How We Met” story I explained how we both realized our mutual love for basketball and the Knicks in particular. It isn’t really uncommon for us to attend a few games every season so when he said he bought tickets for this game I thought nothing of it.

The only difference this time was the fact that he mentioned I would be really surprised at the seats. Surprised was an understatement we get to the arena and I was blown away by how close we were to the court (still not connecting this to a proposal).

At one point he asked if I wanted to walk down to the court and take a picture and of course I wanted to capture how amazing our seats were that night so I said yes! As I was watching the usher who was taking the picture I could hear people around us saying “Awww”, “Oh my good look” and finally I heard “Look he’s proposing!”.

My head shot left so quickly to find him right next to me kneeling down. I was in absolute shock and so confused, I thought we were just taking a picture!

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There he was telling me that he loved me and that I was his best friend and that he wanted to watch every upcoming basketball season with me as his wife! Could it get any more perfect than that?!

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We even ended up on the kiss cam (completely not planned), the person behind was actually able to get it on camera and graciously shared the photo with me later on…a big thanks to Althea!
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