Kelly and Michael

How We Met: Michael and Kelly first met back in February of 2013 at a mutual friend’s surprise birthday party. Kelly was helping her other friend with arranging the party, so she had arrived early to set up. Her type A personality was in full swing as she was panicking around the bar, but then a group of guys walked in (earlier than the rest of the guests) and interrupted her. Now, her friend’s had been telling the both of them (Michael and Kelly) separately that they thought the two may really hit it off, but them meeting never really seemed to line up. So in Kelly’s panic mode, there he was about to introduce himself. Just like he’s proven to her for the last few years, he will ALWAYS be her other half, the type B personality.

“I think you need a beer. Can I buy you a beer?”

She stood there for a second, and then before she could answer off he went to go get her a drink. He read her mind then and still does all the time! As the night went on, they were having a great time talking and getting to know each other. They then decided they were going to continue the party in downtown Syracuse. When figuring out where to go someone suggested, “Daisy Dukes!” For those that don’t know, Daisy Dukes was a country themed bar that had a mechanical bull. Kelly had been on that thing a few times back when she used to stay up later than 11pm, but Michael didn’t know that. So he tried betting her that she wouldn’t ride the bull. He said whoever won would buy dinner the next day (Yeah, pretty witty right?). Kelly fed into it like she had never done it before until they got there, and she jumped on with a smirk on her face. They went to dinner and a movie with the very same friends the next night, and the rest is history!

how they asked: On July 4th weekend in 2013 (the year they met), Michael decided to take a time off from his charter fishing business (Reel Attack Outfitter’s), to take the boat for a drive out to Fair Haven Bay for food, fun and fireworks. They were joined by Michael’s family and a few friends. To this day, they each still talk about that date and how over the course of the boat ride, they knew they were falling in love.

Two years and a home together later, Michael decided that they should go back to Fair Haven Bay like they did in their first year of dating. He had kept the trip low key, and to Kelly’s knowledge only their siblings and significant others would be stopping out to enjoy the day with them. On the morning of July 4th, Kelly and Michael packed up their overnight bag and headed to the boat to begin the ride to the bay. Once out on Lake Ontario, Michael had said that they should ride on the bow because it was so nice outside. Kelly grabbed some towels to sit on and went up to enjoy the view. Michael put the boat on autopilot and joined her. He kept her close and said, “I love you so much Kelly. You mean everything to me.” His arms were getting goosebumps and shaky. Kelly asked him, “Are you alright babe?” He then reached down into his hoodie and revealed the box to her. She immediately lost her breath and cried happy tears. In this breathless moment, Michael lost all the words he wanted to say, but the moment was so special it didn’t need any more said other than “Will you marry me?”

She said, “Yes, of course I will!”

When they calmed down and continued the ride to the Bay, Kelly wanted to call her mom. Michael encouraged her to wait, because her mom had advised to “enjoy the moment and wait before calling everyone.” As they approached Turtle Cove Resort & Marina, Kelly thought she saw figures standing at the dock. When they were close enough, she could make out that it was her parents, sister, and her sister’s boyfriend all waiting to celebrate the news! When they docked, the staff at the marina greeted the couple with joy and informed them that a photographer was on her way to capture the bliss that had just occurred. It was an amazing thing that they had done for them! Typically, the marina does not allow 34″ boats to dock there all day on such a busy holiday weekend. When they found out the nature of this special trip, they made a very generous exception. The couple were joined by more family and friends right after the photo-shoot was completed. All a huge surprise to Kelly, making it more and more heartwarming to have all those she loved around her.

Image 1 of Kelly and Michael