Kelly and Michael

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How We Met

Mikey and I first met almost 5 years ago when I started working at the same car dealership as him. We were super close friends who shared the same love for country music, the outdoors, and spirituality. We trusted one each and confided in one another. I knew from the second I met him I was going to marry him and frequently told him I was going to marry him one day! When I met his mother for the first time he even introduced me as his future wife. In 2017, Mikey left for a new job and so did I shortly thereafter. We remained very close and talked almost every day. In 2018, Mikey took off for a 6-month journey across Southeast Asia and we lost touch for a few months. He came back eventually and I reached out. I just couldn’t live my normal day to day life without him in it, I knew we were meant to be together. We FINALLY got together a little over a year ago and the rest is history. We quickly moved in together and 6 months later bought a house together. And 2 months after that, he proposed!

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How They Asked

Mikey had actually tricked me into thinking he couldn’t afford a ring. He was working 2 jobs and told me he couldn’t pay the mortgage payment for a month so he could save for one. So when we went to Italy, the last thing I was expecting was for him to propose! We had tours booked almost every day. When we were packing for our trip, he told me to pack clothes to go on a hike, so I did just that. He told me that Wednesday he had a day planned for us and didn’t tell me what it was. All I knew was that it was possibly a “hike”. So Wednesday morning, I put on my yoga pants, workout t-shirt, and sneakers. He came out in a nice shirt and jeans.

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He looked cute so I changed into a sweater and jeans as well and packed yoga pants and sneakers in a backpack. We were supposed to be meeting someone at 2:30 pm and our Uber got a bit lost. We pulled up a dirt road and ended up getting dropped at a small farmlike ranch in the middle of nowhere. No one was there to greet us and I started to get nervous and mad at the same time. We spoke 0 Italian to ask for help! We were walking around trying to find a person when I heard a horse nay. Mikey knows I absolutely love horses. I got excited and asked if we were going horseback riding, and he said yes we were taking a sunset horseback ride down the Appian Way (the oldest road in Rome). I instantly started crying with excitement.

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We found the instructor, the horses, and got introduced to a photographer who would be documenting our ride. This was like a dream! I got put on a white horse named Lucy, and Mikey on a brown horse named Zoro. I couldn’t contain my excitement and was smiling the entire ride. It was beautiful, not a single person was on the ancient road with us besides the photographer and the instructor. At one point, they turned our horses around and had us sit in place. They said they wanted to get pictures of us next to our horses.

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So they had Mikey jump down first. I was sitting on my white horse still, looking forward because the sun was right in my face and I couldn’t see Mikey walking towards me. All of a sudden I heard him start saying, “Kelly Ford”.. and right then I knew what was about to happen.

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I was so overcome with emotion, my boyfriend who I had been in love with since the day I met him was proposing to me! He was down on one knee and I sat upon a white horse, all while in Italy for that matter! Of course I ugly cried happy tears the entire way back. Once back to the stables, the instructor directed us inside where he had a table set up for us by a fire and a bottle of champagne. It was an absolutely perfect surprise and I’m so glad the photographer was there to capture it all. It was a dream come true and I couldn’t be happier!

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Special Thanks

Sandro Bernardini
 | Planning
Elsa Campini
 | Photographer