Kelly and Matthew's Christmas Eve Proposal

How We Met

We actually met when we were in the second grade! His grandmother lived at the beginning of the road I lived on (which was actually named after her!) so he would ride the bus home from school to visit her and I would continue down the road to my house.

We reconnected in the 10th grade in our high school culinary arts class and the rest is history!

Image 1 of Kelly and Matthew

how they asked

Matt had told me that he wanted to take some nice Christmas pictures with each other on Christmas Eve. He requested that we each dress up nice and said that he was going to make a picture frame prop for the photos. He told me he was going to make two just in case one got damaged or something of that manner. He finished them and only showed me one sign, that sign said, “Merry Christmas” on it. Naturally, I thought the other was exactly the same, especially since he said the other was identical.

Come Christmas Eve, it was lucky for Matt that I had to work at the hospital until 7:30 that night. He was able to have the rest of the family take pictures with the frame that said Merry Christmas while he had the other frame stashed away out of sight. After I got home from work, we both changed into nice clothes and had our picture taken with the sign I hadn’t seen yet. That sign that said, “Will You Marry Me?” We took two photos in that frame then Matt set the frame down and asked me to turn around in a circle. I didn’t know why but did anyway and when I finished turning in a circle, Matt was waiting there on one knee with the ring.

Image 2 of Kelly and Matthew

Image 3 of Kelly and Matthew

Image 4 of Kelly and Matthew

Image 5 of Kelly and Matthew

It was not until after I said, “Yes” that I realized that the sign we had originally taken a photo with, did not say, “Merry Christmas” but “Will You Marry Me?”