Kelly and Matt

How We Met

No one ever believes me, but Matt and I met online through a dating app. After receiving hundreds of….interesting…messages, I found a coherent one from Matt. He noted that he kept reading over my profile and thought I was more and more awesome each time (years later he admitted that he actually screen-shot my profile so I wouldn’t see him viewing so many times). He was a cute Navy guy who could actually use proper grammar, so I decided to respond. We celebrate this day as our dating anniversary since we texted non-stop until we were able to go on our first date a week later. He knew I liked wine, so he found centrally located restaurant in downtown Baltimore with ‘wine’ in the name. We admit now that the place wasn’t really our style, but he still gets an A+ for the thoughtful effort!

How They Asked

Matt was extremely smart and decided to propose on our third dating anniversary in (pro tip: one date to remember). We went out to a nice dinner in Historic Ellicott City, a place I had just started learning about and wanted to visit more often. We had a wonderful meal and tasty cocktails, and decided to walk around a bit afterwards. I thought it was strange that he was so open to walking around aimlessly since it was pretty hot out so I thought he’d be longing for the A/C. We walked onto the bridge in Tiber Park and Matt stopped me and said he wanted to ask me something. He pulled a ring out of his pocket (loose, on a wooden bridge, over water; we’ll talk about that more later) and asked if I would marry him. My reaction was COMPLETE surprise and may have included an expletive (sorry mom), but my answer was a resounding ‘yes.’ Matt admits that he was, indeed, uncomfortably hot during our romantic stroll and did not have an exact place in mind to pop the question. Once we were on the bridge, he felt like it was the perfect spot. After the magical moment was over we promptly headed back to the car and cranked the air conditioning. (I knew it!) He said he brought the ring in his pocket, wrapped in a napkin for safe-keeping, so I wouldn’t notice a box or get suspicious of him carrying something. I still can’t believe neither one of us dropped it between boards into the river below!


Special Thanks

Jen Harvey Photography
 | Photography