Kelly and Matlock

How We Met

I’m from Chicago and I originally met Matlock when he was on a business trip in Chicago in March 2016! I used to go to the Clearwater/Tampa, FL area every summer for several years, and with that area being a smaller town, we had some mutual friends. However, we never met each other (although, we almost met each other at least 3 times throughout the past 4 years!)

After we met in Chicago, Matlock went back to FL and I told my friends I’d give him two weeks before he “ghosted” me. We ended up texting each other almost every day for the next 3 months. I visited FL in July 2016 to see friends (and Matlock) and I ended up staying there! We’ve been dating for the past 2 years and are now engaged!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, FL

how they asked

We were celebrating 2 years of dating. We decided to have a staycation and booked a 5-star hotel down the street from us. Matlock brought me to Bern’s Steakhouse in Tampa, FL (look it up! They have over 500,000 bottles of wine and an entire dessert room.) I was getting ready when I had the thought, “Omg. What if he proposes??” Thinking it was just a silly thought, I quickly told myself that probably wasn’t going to happen. If he did propose, however, I really was hoping he wouldn’t do it at the restaurant (I don’t like the idea of everyone looking at me haha). So, dinner came and went and he didn’t propose. “Okay, phew,” I thought. We then took a tour of the restaurant’s kitchen and wines and then went upstairs to our own booth in their dessert room. Since our dessert booth was pretty private, I thought, “well, if he wanted to propose here, he could!” After devouring our huge macadamia nut sundae, no proposal. “Okay, so he’s not proposing tonight. That’s fine.” And I really was fine with it. I wasn’t really expecting him to propose and I was okay with waiting another year.

We drove back to our hotel. We got into our cabana-suite and as I walked in I saw rose petals on the floor, chocolate strawberries, and “I love you” written in chocolate. I STILL didn’t think he was going to propose. I just thought he was being really cute.

“Did you do all of this??” I said. I turned around and there he was. Super cute and *slightly* nervous. “We’ve been together for two years now, and we’ve grown a lot together. I think we’re ready for this next step of our lives together.” (he said more, but I believe a proposal is personal, between the couple! So I’m keeping the rest between us :) ) He got down on one knee, took out a little red box from his pocket, opened it and asked if I would marry him. Honestly surprised, I looked at him and of course said yes! The ring is absolutely perfect and was EXACTLY what I wanted.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in The Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, FL

Extra cuteness: I found out that he had the ring for a month! He went with his best friend and his best friend’s girlfriend (who’s also a good friend of mine) the week he got back from a business trip from Oregon. There were many times when I almost accidentally found out about it, like the time when I forgot my apartment keys and called him asking where he was (he was picking out my ring!). Or the time someone randomly called him and he was very short with them. I asked who it was. “Oh, just a friend,” he said when it was really the jeweler telling him the ring was ready!