Kelly and Mark

How We Met: Mark and I met randomly outside of Newk’s; Newk’s is a restaurant in north Austin. I was meeting my best friend Kendall for lunch before heading to a meeting to discuss my magazines annual Football Preview Launch Party.

I saw this extremely attractive guy (Mark) sitting outside with another guy, who later turned out to be one of his best friends, Cleo. To this day I remember thinking to myself; wow, that guy is hot! I walked inside the restaurant to look for Kendall but she had not arrived yet. I walked back outside; standing directly in front of Mark’s table and began to text Kendall. I heard a voice say, “what does your tattoo mean?” I turned around and it was Mark. We started talking for a second and then Kendall arrived. I handed Mark my business card and told him to give me a call sometime.

Kendall and I finished lunch and noticed that the boys were still outside. We walked over to say goodbye and I ended up staying and talking to Mark and Cleo for almost 30 minutes. From that day forward Mark and I have only had eyes for each other. We began dating immediately and took each other off the market. That was Friday, July 27, 2012. Mark is funny, romantic, sensitive, loving, caring, attractive, and my best friend. I can’t wait to see what our future has in store for us!

how they asked: Mark completely blew me out of the water when he proposed on 8.20.2013

To say I was shocked is an understatement. I was crying so hard and for so many hours during and after the proposal.

We had just bought a house and we were in the process of moving so all of our stuff was packed in boxes and we were staying at my parents house for two weeks while our house was finishing being built. We had talked in July of 2013 about getting engaged later in the year (which I was bummed about).

That morning (8.20.13) Mark said he wanted to take me out to dinner to celebrate moving into our new home that weekend. I pouted because I had nothing to wear and everything was in boxes and I was trying to plan for my annual company party which was the following day. So I was a little stressed and busy, haha. I told Mark I didn’t want to go to dinner but he insisted so I got ready; pouting of course the whole time.

After dinner we walked to the W hotel to have a “drink”, we walked up to the second floor of the hotel (where we always go) and he opened a door to this room filled with roses, champagne, chocolate cover stawberries and candles. There was a camera in the corner of the room filming the entire thing and a friend of his taking pictures. He got down on one knee and popped the question! I said YES! Of course!