Kelly and Kyle

Kelly and Kyle's Engagement in West Hills Animal Hospital

How We Met

Kyle and I went to high school together, and went our separate ways for college. We always took classes together but never saw a future with one another. After college, Kyle’s friend and my friend were dating. They introduced us and we immediately hit it off! We reunited and started dating. Kyle bought me Zoey, my puppy, in October of 2012. We love her so much!

Kelly's Proposal in West Hills Animal Hospital

As I’m finishing nursing school and Kyle is finishing his doctorate in physical therapy, I’m excited for our bright future together.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in West Hills Animal Hospital

how they asked

Five years into our relationship I was ready to get engaged- but I never thought Kyle was ready or even thinking of it. I dropped minor hints, none of which I believed he caught onto. On Friday January 20th, I was at Kyles house when I got the call that my dog Zoey fell ill. She was walking outside with my mom who took her to the vet. Kyle and I RUSHED to the vet, as I was in tears over Zoey. Kyle knows how much Zoey means to me, and knew I’d be devastated if anything were to happen to her. The vet technician was incredibly sweet and reassuring. She told us that she believed Zoey had swallowed something shiny and they were going to induce vomiting immediately.

It made sense, being that my neighbor was having work done at their house. She brought out an x-ray of the object which looked like a ring- weird! The vet tech returned a few minutes later with Zoey and informed me that the foreign object had been successfully retrieved. Kyle then proceeded to get down on one knee and proposed… It was all a plot and Kyle pulled off the biggest surprise of my life!

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