Kelly and Kyle

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How We Met

We met through a family friend in high school at a birthday party. Kyle is one year older than me so I was 16 and he was 17. I immediately had a crush on him and thought he was so cute. We hit it off right away and even kissed the first night we met. We stayed friends for a few years and hung out every now and then. Kyle was one year older so he went to ASU when I was still a senior in high school then once I started school at ASU we would hang out all the time and take each other to our fraternity and sorority date parties, etc.

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Then we officially started dating in March 2014. We have been to countless weddings together, family vacations, concerts, the sand dunes, lake trips, etc. We have truly grown up together and have so much fun together.

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How They Asked

I was having a rough week at work and on a Friday I last-minute had to drive to meet with a client about 50 mins away from our house. Kyle called me while driving down there to see how my day was going and what I was up to and I told him that I was heading out there. Little did I know I had put a little dent in his schedule of planning a huge surprise, but he stayed cool and just went with it. I called him when I was headed home and asked what he wanted to do for dinner and said that we should see if anyone wanted to meet for happy hour. He said he would send out a text to our group chats and see if anyone was around. He called me back and said that his parents called and asked if we wanted to meet them for dinner and that one of their investors was visiting so they wanted to go somewhere nice. Of course, I said yes to a nice meal. I got home and quickly got ready. Funny thing is that I had very dirty, greasy hair and I was feeling lazy and did not plan on washing it, but he made a comment about how he only cared since we were going to a nicer dinner and I had time to get back in the shower to wash my hair, so I did just that! We then headed over to his parents’ house and when we walked in the front door and turned into the kitchen, I saw a beautiful set up in the backyard of big marquee letters that said “Marry me” and red roses everywhere. I immediately went into shock and of course started crying. He walked me outside and told me how much he loved me and then got down on his knee and asked me to marry him! It was so special just the two of us and I will never forget how thoughtful the entire setup was.

Special Thanks

Ballooned Up
 | they did the balloon background
Desert Glow
 | They did the beautiful marquee letters