Kelly and Josh

How We Met

We met my senior year of high school and his sophomore year in trig class. For the first quarter of the year, Josh refused to talk to me despite my efforts. I was dating a different guy at the time but we became great friends. Closer to my graduation, my already rocky relationship with the boyfriend because worse. Josh was there for me through every step, after the boyfriend and I broke up before summer, Josh and I were together more and more. Two weeks before I would move away to college he asked me to be his girlfriend. I was nervous about it but I said yes. Four years we’ve been together and it’s been the best four years of my life.

how they asked

It was my niece’s first birthday and I was in the middle of finals for nursing school. Tuesday evening (December 15) was the night before my biggest test and her birthday party. I told Josh I wasn’t going to make it, but he became very persistent. When I went to my study group to meet my best friend, I told her how persistent Josh has been about going to the birthday (which he had told her I wasn’t wanting to go) and she insisted as well that she and I go for a study break and then continuing to study after. So I then agreed. After studying for a few hours we were off to the party! My best friend and I were the last to arrived so we had cake as soon as we got there. When time for my niece to open her presents, my sister insisted I help her. We went through a few presents and Josh’s gift to her was last. It was in a gold bag with tissue paper. I let my niece pull the paper out and saw there was a shirt wrapped up. I started to tear to for her and when she opened it, she threw it behind her onto the ground. When I picked it up I read the shirt. It read “Will You Let Josh Be My New UNCLE?” When I looked up, there he was in front of me down on one knee and asked if I would spend my life with him by my side.