Kelly and Jordan

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How We Met

Kelly and Jordan met back in 2008 when they were both freshmen in high school. However, Jordan seemed to have a stronger intuition for their future than Kelly did, as Kelly spent most of high school writing him off! While Kelly always saw him as a best friend, Jordan continued to pursue Kelly. Their sophomore year of high school, Kelly had told Jordan that she was going to attend their school’s Homecoming dance with a group of girlfriends. But still, Jordan asked Kelly to Homecoming by lining the main hallway of their school with balloons. Absolutely mortified, Kelly told him no. But she was so embarrassed she couldn’t even face him. Instead, she texted him her rejection.

So while they graduated high school and went to separate colleges, Kelly still thought of Jordan as no more than a friend. However, what Kelly didn’t know is that Jordan had told his best friend, Alex (who’s now his Best Man), on the football field one night, “I think I’m in love with Kelly.”

At last, fast-forward two years to sophomore year of college, Kelly, who “hates having a boyfriend,” told me in the cafeteria at TCU, blushing, that she and Jordan had (finally) started dating. Jordan finally won over his girl as they began their relationship long distance from TCU to OU.

how they asked

The proposal story really starts in November of 2015. I was packing to go home for Thanksgiving when my phone lit up with a text from Jordan. In classic Jordan style, he very casually told me he was planning on proposing to Kelly in a few months. In classic “me” style, I physically fell over with excitement and we got to tentatively planning for a March proposal.

One month later in December, Jordan was visiting Kelly at TCU. We were at a party at our friends’ house and I was standing talking to Jordan. Kelly is, I kid you not, 3 FEET AWAY FROM US talking to someone else, and Jordan taps my shoulder and says “Hey, look.” I take his phone and again, almost fall over, as I realize Jordan is showing me a picture of the gorgeous ring he bought for Kelly (with his future bride standing in arms distance, clueless). Now that Jordan had the ring, the serious planning began.

TCU and OU had different Spring Break schedules in March of 2016. TCU’s was the week of March 6, while OU’s was the week of March 13. Kelly and 6 of our closest friends from TCU spent the week in Cancun. However, we were all bursting with excitement that week, because we knew Kelly was days away from getting engaged. Every single person on the trip was keeping the biggest secret of all. When we returned from Spring Break that weekend, Kelly was tired and had a paper to write, so she wasn’t in the best of spirits. However, the rest of us had to make sure that everything went according to plan.

Saturday, March 12, 2016 was the big day. Kelly thought Jordan was “driving to Houston for work.” However, he was in Fort Worth, preparing for the proposal with all of us. Kelly even called him earlier that day and he ran out of his house to the street to answer the phone, acting like he had just stopped for gas on the way. Jordan was set to propose in beautiful Sundance Square in Fort Worth, so myself, Ashley, and Taylor (who were going to photograph the proposal), went to practice with Jordan in the afternoon, making sure that everything would go according to plan. With our plan set, everyone left to go get ready.

It was my job to convince Kelly to get dressed up, saying we were going to meet our friends Taylor, Ashley, and Audrey at dinner for “one final fun night” before going back to school. But the problem was, Kelly DID NOT want to get dressed up. So while everyone was getting in position in Sundance Square, I went to Kelly’s house, dress options in hand, to get her up and out of the house. Somehow, I got her to finally put on a beautiful blue dress to match her piercing blue eyes and, although she was not a happy camper, we were out the door. Hilariously, Kelly spent almost the entire car ride complaining and didn’t notice how nervous I was.

We finally reached our destination and are “walking to dinner,” but Kelly didn’t even notice what was in store for her. So I had her stopped and said “Kelly, look.”

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The look on Kelly’s face as she saw Jordan was the most tangible form of joy I’ve ever seen. Shaking and saying “What????” over and over again, Kelly squeezed my hand and then started walking towards her future husband.

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Surrounded by candles, roses, and pictures of them from the past 8 years, Jordan got to ask the girl he’d loved since he was 15 years old, to marry him.

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And this time, she said YES!

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That wasn’t even the end of the surprises. After Kelly said yes, all of her best friends and both she and Jordan’s families came out of their hiding places.

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And for the final surprise of the night, Kelly and Jordan’s closest friends and family threw an engagement party at Kelly’s house complete with cake, champagne, games, and toasts that went late into the night.

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So after 8 years, a failed Homecoming-proposal, and countless long-distance-road-trips (with football rivalries to boot), Kelly and Jordan finally got their happily ever after and will soon be “Maun and Wife!”