Kelly and Jon

How We Met

Jon and I met 3 1/2 years ago through a mutual friend. When we started getting serious, he took me to Dumbo and we spent the day with his parents! Ever since I’ve always wanted to get engaged there but I never mentioned it to him!

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Where to Propose in Dumbo, Brooklyn

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Dumbo, Brooklyn

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I was turning 30 and Jon kept saying how he couldn’t wait to take me to pick up my gift. We had just officially moved in together so I thought it was furniture, possibly an ottoman or a mirror since he was giving me hints that it was slightly smaller than our couch and bigger than our ottoman. I had no idea where we were going and I see we’re driving to Dumbo. When we first started dating and got serious, we went to Dumbo and spent the day there with his parents so I always thought to myself it would be so romantic to get engaged there – well this is what happened! We arrive at 55 Water Street – Empire Stores and is escorted to a private rooftop, I’m still thinking we’re picking up my gift and when the elevator door opens I see a million rose petals and is greeted by his one friend with a huge bouquet of flowers and his photographer friend.

Kelly's Proposal in Dumbo, Brooklyn

So now I’m thinking we’re just going to have a nice lunch on the rooftop and since Jon is romantic that he wanted pictures. We walk over and I see someone standing over something with a sheet, he then removes the sheet and it’s a painting of Jon on one knee in the exact place of where we were standing, we’re also wearing the exact same outfit that we currently had on and “Will you marry me?” was written on the top.

I was super confused so I turned my head and there Jon was, doing just that! Jon has been planning this for several months and sent a picture of my dress to his artist. The person standing with the sheet was Chris Malfi, the artist! After taking pictures in the area, he said he had one more surprise for me which was a nice dinner for our families to meet for the first time and to not tell anyone we got engaged yet because we wanted to surprise them during dinner! We arrive at Giardinos and I’m still thinking we’re just having dinner with our families but he surprised me with a 30th birthday party with all of our closest friends and family and he surprised everyone with the engagement! I have been on cloud nine since. This was the best day of my life!

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Special Thanks

Jonathan Adams | 
Chris Malfi
Creator of the artwork