Kelly and John

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Mexico

How We Met

He swiped right, I swiped right and the rest is history! He was my one and only date I ever met off tinder and I deleted the app the night I got home from out first date. Our first date was dinner our. Our second date a few nights later started with s’mores and then ended with dinner. I knew then that any man that would let me eat dessert first was a keeper.

how they asked

My family planned a trip to an all inclusive resort in Mexico. It would be my mom’s first vacation in over 20 years! One night he asked if I wanted to take a walk with my triplet sister and brother. My sisters finance had a great camera and he asked if we wanted to do a sibling photo shoot. Little did I know that John would take us a few steps ahead of them and get down on one knee.

Kelly and John's Engagement in Mexico