Kelly and Johan

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How We Met

Johan and I met on Tinder in 2017. It was the first time that we both used the dating app. He first messaged me saying that I had a pretty smile. My conversation with him was so different than the ones I had before I talked to him. This one felt more real because as soon as we started talking, we felt comfortable enough to share personal things about us, we began talking about the struggles and situations that we were going through at the time. It felt so nice and different that we both decided to delete the Tinder app. Soon after we started talking, he asked me to meet in person and since he wanted to make me feel comfortable he invited me to his sister’s birthday party which was supposed to be just his sister’s friends.

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As soon as we get to the party, we notice that his WHOLE family is at the party. Then, he decided to ask me if it was ok to introduce me as his girlfriend to his family members to which of course I said yes. That was the craziest and absolute best first date I’ve ever had! During the course of our relationship we’d had conversations about marriage and he always said that he wanted to wait until he graduated from school and he wanted us to live together for two years before we got engaged to which I agreed.

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How They Asked

In March 2019, Johan and I bought our first home, so we decided to throw a house warming party on March 20, 2019 “coincidentally” fell on our 22 months anniversary. That day, I noticed he was very nervous since the morning, but I thought it was the pressure of entertaining at our home for the first time and didn’t think anything of it.

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Once our family arrived, Johan’s mom gathered all of us for a toast. Once she’s done with her toast, she announces that Johan also wants to say a few words. I was very surprised at the fact that he wanted to say a few words, as I know he’s very shy and we were there with our families, but again I just thought that he decided to thank everyone for coming as he was now the head of our family.

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I had no idea what was happening until he said “as you all know, Kelly and I have been dating for almost two years, and well… I’m no so good with words, but actions say everything” and then got on one knee. I was in full and complete shock because never in a million years did I think that he’d propose right then and there because of the conversations we’d had before.

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Which he then told me he only said those things to throw me off (smart guy!). We got married a month after he proposed on May 25, 2019 and since our original plans were canceled because of COVID-19, I decided to share our story to surprise him on our anniversary!

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Special Thanks

Jessenia Maida
 | Photographer
Kelly Schneider
 | Photographer