Kelly and James

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How We Met

MUST LOVE DOGS It all started with a Sunday morning walk to the dog park in Philadelphia. James + his chocolate lab Wellington were walking with friends to the dog park at the very same time as me + my pomeranian/chihuahua mix Chloe! James’ friends recognized Chloe from a dog meeting earlier in the week and I was immediately curious about this new cute boy with the chocolate lab! After some casual chit-chat we arrived at the dog park, and a dilemma arose. This particular park was separated into a big dog area and a small dog area. With Wellington being a big dog and Chloe being a small dog, our time could have been cut short. Luckily I thought fast and blurted out “Chloe prefers the big dog park.” (sorry, Chloe!) We continued chatting, ignoring our dogs while they ran around, and I was so consumed by the conversation I didn’t realize Chloe was being bullied by a much bigger dog. James swooped her up into his arms (swoon!) and I new this guy was special. Luckily he asked if Chloe + I would be interested in hanging out with him and Wellington again, and got our number! During our first year in Philadelphia together, we fell in love and became inseparable best friends. Right around Christmas time, James was offered a job at the University of Oregon. I understood what a huge opportunity it was for James, so I supported him in his move across the country vowing to figure out a way to join him in Oregon eventually. Luckily, my job allowed me to work remotely and my company so graciously supported me in moving to Oregon to be with James. After a few months of living together in Oregon, we both knew this was forever.

how they asked

James and I had both taken some time off work around Christmas to explore Oregon. On December 21st, James had suggested a hike at Silver Falls State Park. We had hiked around six miles with our two dogs, and then left the dogs in the car while we hiked down to a not pet-friendly trail to see the magnificent South Falls. After getting soaking wet walking underneath the huge waterfall, we both stood on the bridge at the base of the falls and James pointed out how he wished there was someone around to take a picture of the two of them. They tried some selfies and snap chats, but nothing was working. Luckily, James spotted a sweet older couple hiking towards the falls. He ran down to ask them to take as many pictures as they could + they would know why. I asked where we should stand when James pulled out the ring and got down on one knee. I said, “yes!” of course! We facetimed my family from in front of the waterfall and then had hot cider by the fire in the cute South Falls Lodge. Best hike of my life! We returned to Silver Falls with our amazing wedding photographer Anna Reynal, and our dogs! a few months later for our engagement shoot. I will treasure these pictures and memories forever! The real proposal:

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Special Thanks

Anna Reynal
 | Photographer
Blue Nile
 | Ring