Kelly and James

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How We Met

We met in the summer of 2018 and had a great first date that included good food and a walk in the park down by the Ohio River. After we walked James asked if he could call me for another date. The conversation came so easily and soon after meeting, we were spending hours each night talking on the phone and waiting to go on another date. We quickly fell in love and knew that this relationship was one that we both had prayed for.

How They Asked

Time can be extremely limited for us as a couple as we both have demanding jobs with often strange working hours. Besides being an engineer, James is also a Captain in the Army Reserves, and over the year that we dated was training and preparing to deploy. So, with limited hours we were often determined to grab a date or time together whenever we could, including Saturday morning coffee dates and strolls in the same park where we had our first date.

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On August 10, 2019, I thought that we were going to have a regular cup of coffee and walk along the river and even asked if we had finished if we could run by Costco afterward. After we got our coffee we began to walk on our regular path. Quickly I noticed letter boards with steps of a relationship. “Step 1: Meet my dream girl”, “Step 2: ask her on a date”…. as we walked deep in my heart I wished these signs were for us, “Step 3: Let her into the best moments of your life”, ” Step 4: Let her into the toughest parts too” As we walked I nervously sipped my coffee and noticed James doing the same.

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He just kept commenting on what, “a nice day it is” “Step 5: take her on an adventure” “Step 6: Fall in love” as we passed sign six we turned the corner to see the most beautiful archway of flowers right near the bridge where we first walked one year prior. “Step 7: Ask her to marry me” as we walked to the archway James quickly threw my coffee on the ground and then got down on one knee to ask me to marry him. It was the easiest decision of my life. “Yes” This is our forever.

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We got to celebrate and catch our breath as I looked at the most beautiful ring by HoneyDesign Jewelry, and then took engagement photos with Ben Elass Photography. I am so thankful to have the video of this proposal for us to hold on to by Valley Film Co.

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James thought of everything. He knows me so well. When we finished taking photos and I wanted to call my parents, he suggested that we grab a bite to eat where we had our first date. Waiting at the restaurant were our best friends and family, including my parents from Florida and we got to celebrate with them for the whole weekend. It was a dream. I am so blessed to have a love like this.

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Special Thanks

Chelsea Mead
 | Planning
Ben Elsass Photography
 | Photographer
Valley Film Co
 | Videographer