Kelly and Jake

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How We Met

Jake and I first met in 2010 when we both worked at Toys R Us over Christmas. We worked next to each other on the registers and never spoke one word. He talked to other people at work but avoided me. I didn’t notice this until he commented on a mutual friends Facebook post in 2011. I thought hey that’s the guy I worked with who never really spoke to me. Why not add him? We became friends on Facebook and started talking everyday through messages. Cell phone numbers were exchanged and then texting started to become a constant thing.

Finally we decided to hang out around Christmas in 2011. It was like we had known each other forever. Of course being a typical girl I asked him why he never spoke to me when we worked together. His response was that he was really into me and just got so nervous being around me. We made it official on February 1st 2012. After being friends, best friends for a few months it just seemed like the perfect time to become a couple.

how they asked

Jump to years later in 2015 when I planned a whole vacation to go to Florida. I was the one who planned to get a little beach house by Cocoa Beach. We were spending 3 days there and then going to spend the rest of the time with his wonderful family in Orlando. Little did I know he was going to use me planning the whole thing to his advantage. I never saw what was coming even though a lot of people had a feeling. I kept saying I planned to spend time together not him so nothing is going to happen. We spent the first whole day in Florida doing things around Cocoa Beach. We made dinner at the house and I said let’s go see the sunset on the beach. We got ready and we went down to the edge of the water to watch the beautiful sunset.

As the sun was setting we decided to get a few shells for our collection. I was walking along really into finding the best seashells ever. I’m walking around with my head down really searching when Jake says I had an amazing day today. I say Me too. In my head I’m thinking you better be looking for some awesome seashells buddy. He says you know what would make it better? I say No what, clearly still really into finding that perfect shell. There is silence for a while behind me where he was. Then I hear well turn around….I turn….There is Jake down on one knee with an amazing ring in his hand. I had a moment of complete shock and finally said what every guy wants to hear…Are you serious?? I admit looking back I probably didn’t give him a good feeling at first but I had no idea this was happening so cut this girl some slack.

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He cautiously says yes I’m serious… and finally the right words come out of my mouth OF COURSE YES!

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It was a surprise for sure, private which I liked, and just a perfect setting and ending to a great day.

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