Kelly and Francis

How We Met

We were introduced by a mutual friend. Then the common interest over street food and travel got us close to each other real quick. :)

how they asked

Crammers. Last minute champions. That is how my now fiancée and I have been with almost everything we do since day one. Even my proposal was one for the books…of successful procrastination. Planning this proposal was so stressful since there was a lot of variables at play. The weather that day. My logistics team not coming through. My dog having diarrhea. Kelly being sneaky and suspicious about everything. I was aiming for the 18th of March, a Saturday, to pull off this proposal and found myself still empty handed Wednesday that week. My proposal idea didn’t dawn on me until noon that day.

Kelly's Proposal in San Francisco, CA

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Kelly and Francis San's Engagement in San Francisco, CA

After several attempts to put up a plan for hosting an art exhibit – proposal, I have decided to make it simple and memorable instead. Rooftop proposal came into mind. I just needed to make it original. It was composed of street food, movie theatre popcorn, balloons tied to our dog (He didn’t fly away), a lot of love and laughs.