Kelly and Elliot

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How We Met

We literally danced into each other at a mutual friends party in Summer of 2012.

how they asked

July 4th weekend his family planned a vacation at Bethany beach, Delaware and my family thought it would be fun to join us. It was a very cloudy, rainy day and everyone wanted to go to the beach. I’m a huge beach bum, but I was ready to shop! I was confused why everyone wanted to stay at the beach, but didn’t think anything of it.

My now soon-to-be 4 year old niece wanted me to help her find seashells. We looked for quite a long time and got back to show everyone our treasures. While also dolphin gazing at the time, a plane flew right above all of us. I looked up and read the plane banner out loud to myself “Kelly, will you marry–WHAT?!!!!”

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I whipped myself around to my boyfriend down on one knee with a beautiful ring inside of a seashell. To top it off, a ladybug landed in my hair a few minutes later. Both of our families were there to celebrate and pop champagne with us that night.

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I honestly couldn’t of even dreamt of a better proposal!

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Special Thanks

Paula Cella
 | Engagement Photo shoot