Kelly and Dexter

How We Met

Dexter and I met in April of 2013 in the small town of Statesboro, Georgia. I was taking classes at Georgia Southern University and Dexter was working with his cousin on their upcoming party planning/DJ company. Their company DJ’d many events at various bars in Statesboro and Dexter was the DJ. Taking a break from studying, I went to play trivia with some friends at a local bar. I made comments on how good looking I thought the DJ was and eventually was dragged on stage by a mutual friend to be introduced to Dexter. I was embarrassed and didn’t say much. A little while later, I left to do some studying with a friend. Meanwhile, my number was given to Dexter by friends and he contacted me a couple days later.

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how they asked

Dexter does not do anything small. He does not do things simple either. He is a man with big dreams and the biggest heart I’ve ever gotten the pleasure of getting to know. He always thinks outside the box and comes up with bigger and better ideas than the ordinary. It is one of the many things I love about him. Dexter started to plan this Tennessee vacation about 10 months before it was planned to happen. A lot of friends were on board, and of course our parents were who have loved and supported us throughout our entire relationship. When he told me we were going to Tennessee about 4 months before, I immediately started looking up things we could do there because I am a planner and I have never been to Gatlinburg before. Dexter told me not to bother because he had the whole trip planned out. I was just graduating nursing school and about to take the NCLEX. So, I was told this was a graduation trip to celebrate my hard work. Well, me being me, I still looked up things to do and places to see. I found this Trapped Game where you had to solve puzzles in order to escape a room you have been trapped in. Again, Dexter told me to let it go because he had already planned the perfect trip. When the weekend finally arrived I was so mad because he still wouldn’t tell me what we were doing. On the morning of June 11, 2016, we pulled up to none other than the Trapped Game. I was very excited! We spent about an hour in the Al Capone themed game room trying to figure out clues in order to beat the necessary time to escape the room. The last clue was a box Dexter let me unlock and inside was the most gorgeous ring I had ever imagined. Dexter got on one knee and asked to marry me. It was nothing short of perfect and of course I said YES!

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