Kelly and Daniel

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How We Met

Daniel and I met in the Fall of 2010, when we were both working on the same staff as Resident Assistants at Towson University. We enjoyed spending time with one another, and always looked forward to an evening when we were scheduled to work “on duty” together. Living one floor apart gave me the chance to ask Daniel to help me with small tasks, which were just an excuse to talk to him. After hitting it off, we had to keep our relationship a secret from our boss (sorry Bryan!) until that May. Sneaking off campus to go on dates to the Inner Harbor in Baltimore, or to dinner & a movie kept us sane until we could officially be seen together.

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Since then, we have both become teachers and recently bought our first home together. Daniel’s love for hiking and traveling has made me more adventurous, and I certainly don’t mind tagging along… especially if there is food and wine at the end of the day! Our Spring and Summer breaks from school have given us the opportunity to travel & explore the U.S. together. Within the past year, we have bought and renovated a house, and gotten engaged. We are officially one step closer to our goal of becoming the next Chip and Joanna Gaines.

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Daniel and I look forward to many years of happiness together as a married couple, and are thrilled to see what the future holds!

how they asked

Last year, Daniel booked a 2 night stay in Charlottesville, VA, for Memorial Day weekend with plans to do a short hike on the way down, but this turned out to be much more of an ordeal. While driving down to the trail-head, some 3 hours south of Washington, DC, I noticed a rumbling sound coming from the car. I knew this couldn’t be a good sign, since we had only been on the road for an hour. Daniel pulled over and discovered that one of the tires was flat, and searched for the jack and wrench to change the tire. Unfortunately, I did not have the necessary tools (I’m not the best with cars). Frustrated and anxious to get to our destination, I quickly called AAA, who confirmed they were on their way and would be there in 25 minutes, but of course things did not go as planned.

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AAA called me back a half hour later and said they would not be out to help for another hour. Just as things were looking grim, a tow truck appeared behind my car. Virginia Department of Transportation to the rescue! The friendly VDOT driver saw my car pulled over on the side of the road and came by to help out. In only about 3 minutes, he changed my tire. Unfortunately this tire would only last 50 miles or so, and we had much farther to go. We soon discovered that every auto shop in the rural VA towns nearby closed at noon. It was 12:15 pm. We limped the car down Virginia route 29, stopping at every auto shop in the small Appalachian towns along the way.

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Every shop was closed, or did not have the tire we needed. Finally, we found our saving grace- a Walmart Auto Center! We had to wait another hour, but finally were able to get on our way. After leaving, I was cranky, tired and hesitant to go hiking, but boy am I glad that I agreed to go. Five hours after discovering our flat tire, Daniel and I finally made it to the trail-head for Spy Rock. A short and steep hike led us to one of the most beautiful 360 degree views on the Appalachian Trail. At the top, Daniel crouched down to get something out of his bag, which ended up being a beautiful ring.

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After he asked me to marry him (of course I said yes!), we spent about an hour enjoying the view and talking with other hikers at the top. The rest of the evening was spent relaxing at Devil’s Backbone Brewery and calling our close family and friends to share the exciting news. We are looking forward to visiting Spy Rock in the future and sharing this story again and again with our friends and future family. Although things didn’t go exactly as planned, they surely made that weekend one to remember.

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