Kelly and Daniel

How we met

Both living in Mission Beach while studying at the University of San Diego, Kelly & Dan’s paths crossed many times. From studying the same discipline in the business school, to attending Greek life events, they saw each other often. A familiar face became a close friend after their mutual friends/roommates began to date! From that point on they became the best of friends, partners in crime, and each others main focus. For several months they were great friends, but neither had brought up becoming more than friends. It wasn’t until school ended that year and Dan moved back to Long Beach, CA while Kelly stayed in Del Mar, CA that they realized this was more.

The distance became increasingly difficult, so Dan made the drive down one weekend to visit. During that weekend Kelly and Dan had their first date in Del Mar by the beach. He asked her what was already in her mind- if she would be his girlfriend and officially date him. Five years later Dan topped that and took Kelly back to one of their favorite San Diego beaches by USD, Sunset Cliffs, and asked her to be his wife. A year after that on their six year anniversary the two will tie the knot back where it all began at USD in the Immaculata Church.

how they asked

Dan had a steep hill to climb when it came to planning a proposal secretly without his girlfriend, and auditor, finding out. Dan always says that he can’t get anything past Kelly because she always asks too many questions! So his proposal was thoroughly planned out and calculated. Dan got Kelly’s sister, Kristen, in on the scheme and convinced her that they would be taking Christmas Card photos at the wolf sanctuary (something that still to this day sounds ridiculous, but is believable only due to her sister being a lover and supporter of all animal rescues). So Kelly went with the plan and got ready that morning for some Christmas photos.

The two went to brunch at the beach that morning and Kelly set the tone by telling Daniel all about her dream the night before where he proposed and it was a “disaster!”. Unbeknownst to her, proposing was his plan for later that afternoon, and this “bad dream” made Daniel particularly nervous. After brunch, Kelly sat in the passenger seat and thought they were going to the wolf sanctuary. By the time she realized they were going the wrong way the two were at the top of Sunset Cliffs beach. Daniel convinced Kelly to walk out onto the largest cliff with him which is where Daniel got down on one knee.

Their last five years together flashed back during his proposal and she didn’t have to think about the answer to this question; she responded, “Of course!” All of the tricks up Dan’s sleeve came to light after his proposal when their families all came into town to celebrate with them over a beautiful engagement dinner! Kelly then also realized that the “Friends Sunday BBQ” that they had been planning was really just Dan’s clever way of organizing all of their friends in one place to reveal their engagement!

Since the proposal, the date has been set! Kelly and Dan couldn’t be happier to have their friends and family in San Diego, CA in the summertime to celebrate their nuptials after 6 years.

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