Kelly and Corbin

Kelly and Corbin's Engagement in South Haven, MI

How We Met

Almost eleven years ago we both walked into a religion class on the first day of school at the University of Dayton. Corbin will tell you all about how he had to work up the courage to say hello at the end of class, while I’ll will say that I had already scanned the room, found the cutest boy, and lingered after class to be sure he said hello. After a semester of notes passed back and forth, bonding over our childhood love for Thomas the Tank Engine and chocolate chip cookies, and dreading the biology class we both walked to next, we quickly realized this was a friendship that was a bit different than most. (Don’t worry mom & dad- your $800+ per credit hour was still well spent… our professor’s jumbo Hawaiian shirts and sandals with socks might be the most we remember from that general religion studies class…but we’d both say it was worth it). The next four years we remained great friends, tutoring each other (Ok, Corbin’s the only reason I passed Chemistry, while I was usually the reason Corbin got in trouble for talking in Chemistry), sledding down Stuart Hill, dancing at parties (someone had to teach Corbin all the hand motions to “Party in the USA”), and always wishing each other a happy birthday every year. While we never dated in college, God made sure our story didn’t end there!

Fast forward to late 2012… all thanks to Corbin’s obsession with scrolling through Twitter and my need for stopping in the middle of the street to take a picture and post it….we started chatting again. Only this time Corbin finally let it slip that he had wanted to take me out on a date for the past 5 plus years…to which I said “It’s about time!” Since Cleveland and Dayton were just a bit far apart for a quick date night we decided to meet in Columbus and go to the Zoo! Best First Date Ever. After about a year of dating Corbin convinced me to make the move to Cleveland! (Our cars were very thankful…) And the rest is history….orrrr posted on Facebook and Instagram for everyone to see :)

Marriage Proposal Ideas in South Haven, MI

Proposal Ideas South Haven, MI

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We’ve been going to South Haven, Michigan over Memorial Day Weekend for the past 4 years. It’s pretty much become our “kick off the summer” vacation spot! This year was definitely one we’ll never forget! On Saturday, our second day in town, we started off the day by going to the Farmer’s Market – we can’t miss it! Corbin has to go to the cheese booth so he can get his cheese curds for the weekend and I always grab a mason jar of strawberry lemonade. Next, we set off to go kayaking down the Black River, which is one of our favorite things to do in SoHa. After several hours of kayaking we decided to come back to the beach and relax a bit before dinner. In an odd change of events I actually wanted to lay in the sun while Corbin kept asking me if I wanted to go for a walk. Good thing I decided to go for the walk! A little ways down our favorite beach Corbin got down on one knee and popped the question. We came back in from our walk, Corbin grabbed a bottle of champagne and I grabbed my camera and a selfie stick (yep, I knew that $5 thing would come in handy eventually) just in time for the sunset. You guys….it was perfect :)

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