Kelly and Cody

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Canton, Ohio

How We Met

Cody and I have gone to school together since 5th grade. He actually remembers a time when we were playing kickball and he accidentally ran to the base I was on and knocked me over. I have zero recollection of this and he waited until we were probably 20 before he even told me about it. The last day of 8th grade, I messaged him on Myspace to tell him that I liked him and asked if we could text over the summer. We had spent months sitting by each other in our English class and I had been quite an annoying classmate to him so it was much to my surprise when he gave me his number and we began texting. That was May 29, 2009 and ever since that day we’ve never been apart. We had been through so much together just in our time in high school, that when we were voted Prom King and Queen, we were thrilled. Fast forward through both of us getting College degrees, living together through all of that and adopting 3 amazing dogs along the way we were ready to finally start our lives. Cody’s parents had allowed us to live with them through college and we experienced a tragic house fire that derailed our future plans quite a bit. After a year and a half of living in my dad’s basement with our 3 dogs and completely taking over his whole house, we finally started the home buying process. We of course had the worst experience ever buying a home. Terrible problems with the house, with the buying and then with the state of the house when we got keys. We had made it through all of the things life has thrown at us so this was just one more step in the road.

Proposal Ideas Canton, Ohio

Kelly's Proposal in Canton, Ohio

How They Asked

We officially got keys on a Thursday and we were planning to have our families over on Sunday for everyone to see the house. I ran to the store with Cody’s mom to buy some things we needed for that afternoon. I bought us pumpkins for the porch because Cody had said he wanted to get some eventually. I was so excited to surprise him with the pumpkins. It turns out he had a bigger surprise. When we pulled into the driveway everyone came out to get the groceries and carry them in, so naturally I grabbed the pumpkins to head in and surprise Cody. As I got to the front porch Cody came out and hopped off the step and the next thing I know he’s down on one knee. He says “Will you marry me?” To which I emphatically respond “well YEAH”. Afterwards we went inside and had pizza with our families, took photos and finally got to enjoy being engaged.