Kelly and Clint

How We Met

Because I absolutely love your page and the stories.. I thought I would share mine that happened New Years Day!! We met when I was in high school 6 years ago. Clint was in the fire academy and my dad was the Chief! We connected right away but unfortunately I left for college far away . We always kept in touch on the phone and visited each other! During my senior year of college, I was in a horrible car accident and broke my femur and left arm. After surgery, I went straight to the ICU due to a blood clot. I was so terrified but things finally started looking up! I had to move back home for a while to heal and Clint remained by my side. He was so happy that I was home for a little bit but I had to go back to graduate. Two months later when I got my Bachelors degree, Clint wanted to make me his official girlfriend after weekend visits and phone calls every night! The next thing you know, a few months later he asked me to move in with him and that was it! I guess its true when people say “when you know, you know”…

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how they asked

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He knew I was obsessed with Disney and bought us annual passes so we can go every year.. Whenever! On New Year’s Day , we went to Disney just like most holidays, and he wanted to get a picture… We took one smiling, and as I was walking away to retrieve the camera .. He said “No wait .. One more” so I came back and the camera man said “1… 2… ” and he got down on one knee right there… I was so excited and crying that I stuck out my middle finger instead of my ring finger! LOL Everyone clapped and cheered around us and I can honestly say that was the best day ever! ️

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