Kelly and Camden

Image 5 of Kelly and Camden

How We Met

Camden and Kelly were first introduced through his sister Riley and her roommate, Jordyn. After sliding into Kelly’s DMs on Instagram, a week of banter over texting, and Kelly jokingly challenging Camden to wear a costume on their first date, their first date was set! November 1, 2019. Camden happily accepted this challenge and waddled with it (you’ll get it later).

Image 1 of Kelly and Camden

When Kelly opened the door to meet Camden that Friday, she couldn’t help but laugh when she saw him standing in a full penguin costume, yellow feet included! Camden also brought a costume for her to change into, before heading out for dinner and bowling. Throughout the night, many penguin jokes were prepared and the two enjoyed what would be the first of many laughter and joy-filled dates together. At the end of the date, Camden walked Kelly to the door and offered her a rock, saying “you rock”, a penguin-like gesture that made their first date even more unforgettable.

Image 2 of Kelly and Camden

How They Asked

On May 1st, 2020, Camden had planned a special date with Kelly to celebrate six months of dating. Camden picked Kelly up, and headed to a local park in Fort Worth, with Texas Roadhouse in tow for a nice picnic dinner (so she thought).

Image 4 of Kelly and Camden

Camden leads Kelly to a picnic blanket that had been set up with a sign reading “Reserved for Kelly and Camden”, multiple pictures of their various dates together, and 2 little penguin figurines. Camden began reading a letter he had wrote to her, and then pulled out a rock (literally), in which he flipped over to reveal a hiding spot for the ring.

Image 3 of Kelly and Camden

Camden then said the most exciting 3 words Kelly had ever heard! SHE SAID YES!!!! He later had set up a FaceTime with her entire family in California, to share the good news. They then returned back to Kelly’s house and were welcomed by Camden’s family, and a few friends to celebrate.

Image 6 of Kelly and Camden

Image 7 of Kelly and Camden

Special Thanks

Riley Duzenack
 | Photographer