Kelly and Brock

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How We Met

Brock and I met on a trip down to Lake Powell. He and I ended up riding in the same car and the friends that were riding with us both knew him and I had never met him. It was a drive that started at 4 am so I ended up being the only one who stayed awake to keep him company. He and I realized that we had a lot in common and knew a lot of the same people. Fast forward to 4 days later on the last night B and I ended up kissing. He asked me out after that 4 times until I finally said Yes. We are opposites in almost every way but so much alike too. We had our first date and have been inseparable since. Good thing he never gave up on me.

how they asked

B and I had been dating for about 2 years up to this point. I had just gotten back from living in DC working on the Hill. If he was going to propose, I thought it would have been out there. So I wasn’t expecting anything anytime soon. I move back to Utah and about 2 months later we got invited to go on a trip to Banff in Canada. Neither of us had been so of course, we jumped at the opportunity. There are about 8 of us and we spend about 3 days there doing hikes and looking for some kayaks the entire time to take on one of the lakes, but because it was basically the end of the season we couldn’t find any to rent. It’s our last morning there and we decided to go get brunch. My friends Vanessa and I decided to run to a store because it was right around the corner and we were killing time waiting for our brunch reservation. Durning this time B called my dad to ask permission and my dad teared up because it was my parent’s wedding anniversary.

After brunch, we start roaming main st for a kayak or canoe rental but no luck but we got matching Banff sweatshirts. We decide to go to Lake Lousie because B wanted a drone shot of the whole lake because the last one “wasn’t good enough” so we stopped wasting our time looking for a canoe. I fell asleep on the drive over to Lake Lousie and half asleep Brock jumps out and tells me to come down with everyone else and he was going to go and try to set up his drone. Everyone gets out of the car and Vanessa and I go to the bathroom but she is gone before I even get out. I come out of the bathroom and Vanessa is across the parking lot with our group of friends talking to a few people with paddle boards. Little did I know they explained that B wanted one to propose to me on but that we couldn’t find one. I walked up and Aaron and he proceeded to tell me that these people were going to let us use their paddle boards and they were going to charge us. I thought it was so nice but so weird.

They kindly offered to let me use one and that one girl would lead me to B on one in the water. So I hop on the board and B is over on a dock and to my left, but she tells me not to look over there and just look straight ahead or I would fall in (I thought she was crazy because I had paddle boarded before and that wasn’t the case). Finally, she tells me to go and paddle to him and he is standing on the edge of the dock and I yelled “B look! We got paddle boards.” I pull up and he tells me to get off and starts to help me on the dock, but I was like no get on, we have been looking for these everywhere. I get off and I’m holding the paddle and he just hugs me and says “Kell you know I love you more than anything in the world” and that’s when I knew and started crying and wouldn’t let him go. He gets down on one knee and says “Kelly Renee Meraz will you Marry Me?”

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Special Thanks

Aaron Johnson
 | Planning
Vanessa Rodriguz
 | Planning