Kelly and Brit

How We Met: We first met in the summer of 2008. I was from Gulf Breeze Florida but had just finished my freshman year at Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers Florida. My big sister in my sorority went to high school with Brit in Fort Myers. She had invited us both over to play a game of Apples to Apples. After meeting for the first time that night we went our separate ways. Over the next five years we both had other relationships and Brit had moved from Fort Myers to West Palm.

December 30th Brit had messaged me on Facebook saying “Happy Birthday.” We wrote back and forth just making small talk and then he suggested that when he came to visit Fort Myers that we should grab coffee.  I shared this information with my Aunt and Uncle with whom I lived with in Fort Myers. After sharing this information with them I found out that there had been a long family connection between Brit’s family and my Aunt and Uncle. Brit’s mom was my cousin’s first babysitter over 30 years ago when his mom was 16 years old. They also went to church together and years later Brit would coach my cousins in a few sports.

January 6th we met for coffee. This was the first time we had seen each other since 2008. We ended up hanging out a few times in January and February when Brit would visit Fort Myers. I enjoyed our friendship but didn’t see it becoming anything more.

March 13th my sister went into labor with her twin girls. She was seven weeks early so this was unexpected. This was a really big time for my family. My sister had just had a bone marrow transplant a year before (and I was her bone marrow donor) so the fact that she was even able to get pregnant was a big deal! I wanted to head home to be with my family, but knew I needed someone to make the 9 hour drive with me. I remember that Brit had a brother that lived a few hours from my sister. I asked him if he would like to make the drive with me. On the drive there I still didn’t have feelings for Brit. I just enjoyed our friendship. I dropped him off at his brother’s house and then I headed to the hospital.  Two days later I made my way back to pick up Brit and THAT was when it hit me, I really like this guy.

The next few weeks we shared our feelings for one another. I started making weekend trips to West Palm and Brit stated making trips to Fort Myers.


how they asked: October 4, 2014. This would be the day that Brit would ask me to be his wife. I had NO idea that this would be the day. I had been talking about wanting to see an East Coast sunrise so Brit had been saying that we would go this weekend.  We woke up early on that Saturday morning and I thought we were just headed to the beach down the street, but Brit had a better spot in mind. As we approached the Beakers Hotel (the spot where we shared our first kiss) I still had no idea that he was about to propose, I was more concerned with the fact that we were going to have to pay $25 to valet our car… just to watch the sunrise!! We quickly made our way to the back patio and walked out to a beautiful sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean that God had painted! Brit was standing behind me speaking sweet things into my ear. He then pointed over to the area where we had our first kiss. He asked me if I remembered what I told Rachel (my big sister in my sorority who initially introduced us in 2008) after he had kissed me for the first time. I said, “yes I remember… I told her that I hope that it was my last first kiss!” Brit then turned me around and got on one knee and said, “I want to be your last first kiss. Will you marry me?!”




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