Kelly and Brison

How We Met

Brison and Kelly both attended the University of South Carolina, where Brison played baseball and Kelly ran track. One night Kelly’s freshman year, she and her best friend Tylar (whom Brison went to high school with), decided to go out last minute for a girl’s night! They went to their favorite bar in Columbia, The Village Idiot. Brison was there with a few of his baseball buddies and recognized Tylar and went over to say hi, as well as find out more info on the “pretty blonde friend.” As luck would have it Kelly wasn’t single at the time of the initial introduction, but persistence and timing paid off in the long run.

Eventually Kelly and her BF ended things, and with friends in the same circles their paths crossed again and this time when pursued by Brison the flame started to grow. Things got serious toward the end of college and with PA school coming the long distance relationship would be starting. Brison always had in the back of his mind that this was the girl he would eventually marry, it was just when would be the right time to ask.

how they asked

In her last year of PA school with the graduation in sight. Kelly had a rotation in Charleston for a month which provided a great time to plan and surprise her with proposing. With Kelly’s new found love of Charleston and being born and raised there, I thought it was only fitting to propose in Charleston. Having been given a diamond from my mother and a plan in my head on how to build a unique marquise engagement ring only thing left to do was plan how and when to propose? The Southeastern Wildlife Exposition is one of the largest events during the year in the Holy City. I figured since it was a big event and Kelly enjoyed attending that I could invite her parents down and, secretly her sister, to attend and she wouldn’t be suspicious since it was a big event. With the “When?” question answered next was the “How” The table was set for a big surprise weekend with the Black Tie Gala being the first night of SEWE. Since I figured Kelly would want to look good in the pictures of the engagement I planned to propose at sunset (her favorite time of the day) before the Black Tie Gala so that my hidden photographer (Emily Meeks Photography) could get the real time action proposal shots and we would both be sharply dressed during the whole proposal. The “Where?” was the easy part, I knew how much she loved the sunset/evening time of day so I picked one of the best views in the city as the location, The Battery. The only real problem was that sunset and the gala were 2 hours difference.

I told Kelly that we were going to head downtown and grab a few drinks together early before the event especially since I got to walk around and show her off in her dress! She never saw it coming, and on the way downtown I made a slight detour and headed to the Battery and found a parking spot. Since the location of the proposal was already planned out with Emily (our photographer) I mentioned we should enjoy the sunset and take a stroll together since we had plenty of time to kill. As they neared the spot and the sun was setting, breeze was blowing, and the most beautiful woman holding my hand, I had all sorts of romantic lines to say and completely forgot them all, so after a few total cheesy lines, I hit my knee and popped the question!

And SHE SAID YES!!! Well let’s be honest the first words out of her mouth were “Wait, is this for real? Are you serious?” but after that she said yes! After the initial shock of what happened, I remembered my little speech and told her how much she meant to me and that I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life with anyone else but her! I then told her we were on camera the whole time and pointed over to our awesome hidden camera woman, Emily. After that we took photos under the oaks and on the Battery. Needless to say the SEWE weekend was off to an official start, followed by her sister and best friend surprising her by coming into town! Luckily everyone that knew could keep a secret! We have been happily engaged since Feb 2017 with plans of getting married in Charleston!

Special Thanks

Emily Meeks Photography