Kelly and Brian

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How We Met

Brian and I met at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee on my first day of work at The Emporium, a student-run convenience store in the dorms. Brian was the first person I met at work, and I remember thinking he was so cute.

After shamelessly flirting with him for about a month, I finally texted him one night telling him I was hungry and that he should take me to dinner. He declined my not-so-subtle ask-out, because he had to finish writing a paper for class, but told me he would take me out the following week.

Our long-awaited first date finally arrived, and Brian picked me up to go downtown for dinner. After getting lost once or twice, and almost turning the wrong way down a one-way street (I think he was nervous) we made it! I can’t remember what we talked about all night, but I can still remember getting home and knowing he was the man I wanted to marry.

how they asked

Four and a half years later, on the day before my birthday, Brian and I went to dinner at Harbor House on the Milwaukee lakefront. When we were done eating, Brian said he wanted to go by the lake to take a picture.

After walking past the restaurant and seeing that no one was around, I told him we probably weren’t going to get the picture we wanted, but we kept walking anyway. I saw a couple in the distance and thought that they will take our picture, so we walked towards them. After getting a little closer, I realized it was our friends that “just so happened” to be out that night, too. We asked them to take our picture, and as we were getting into position, Brian got down on one knee and ask me to marry him.


I, of course, said “Yes!”


After some happy tears and a couple more pictures, we decided to go back to the restaurant to celebrate.


On the way back, I wanted to call my mom, but Brian kept telling me to wait until we got inside. Little did I know, my mom, step-dad and best friend were waiting back at the restaurant to celebrate with us! Best birthday present ever!

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