Kelly and Brian

How We Met: Brian and I live in the same small town in NJ. Living on “different sides” of town, we didn’t meet until our 6th grade year of middle school. Of course, being tweens, we did not acknowledge who each other were.  We both went off to different high schools and it wasn’t until a year after we graduated college that we reconnected. I like to thank a very good red wine and Facebook for starting our romantic relationship.


how they asked: Brian is a First Lieutenant in the United States Army and I only saw him a handful of times a year. January 2015 was my 25th birthday and also the month I was planning on moving to North Carolina to be with him. My mom planned a birthday/ going away party for me the last day of January and I was lucky that Brian could come home for that. The party ended and we went to a local bar with some friends to celebrate when he made his way to a park claiming he felt “sick.” As I followed him to the park he asked me if I would still love him even when he’s sick. Of course I said yes, and then he dropped to his knee,  pulled out a ring and proceeded to ask me to marry him (he was so nervous he held the box upside down). People didn’t know that the park he proposed in was the same park we said goodbye to each other a year earlier before he deployed to Afghanistan. It’ll always hold a special place in my heart.