Kelly and Brett

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How We Met

We first met on Tinder 5 years ago, we didn’t chat long before we decided to meet for our first date. We had such an amazing time that we went on our second date the next day. We continued to date for a couple of weeks. One day, I had gotten very sick, Brett stayed by my side and took care of me the entire time. This was when I fell in love and knew he was special. We moved in together 8 months later, and the rest is history :).

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How They Asked

My fiancé (Brett) and I had a trip planned to the north shore for a long weekend. The day before we left I (Kelly) had just worked a 12-hour shift in a Covid ICU. When I got home from work there was a note on the door that sent me on a scavenger hunt throughout our condo. Brett was out walking our dog, Emma. I had decided to shower, change clothes, etc before completing the scavenger hunt. Little did I know, Brett was waiting at the fountain in the park across the street (Irvine Park in St Paul, MN).

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Eventually (Brett says it felt like forever) I made my way through the clues, the last one lead me to the fountain. When I walked outside to the park it was empty and dark, next thing I knew, the entire fountain lit up! Brett and Emma came out from behind the fountain, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I was stunned! We enjoyed some time hanging in the park, then went back to our condo where Brett had champagne waiting. We spent the next few days celebrating our engagement at our favorite place!

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Image 5 of Kelly and Brett

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Irvine Park, St Paul, MN
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