Kelly and Brenden

How We Met

Brenden and I met our senior year at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh. He was heading back to his house from a night class, and I was…well…I was a little bit of a damsel in distress. I was stuck in our campus’s garage with a dead car battery and absolutely zero automotive skills. Luckily for me, though, Brenden happened to be parked right next to me. I shyly asked him if he could help a gal out and jump my car. We got to talking while we waited to see if the battery could absorb a charge, and we found out that we actually had some friends in common. The battery was completely dead, so I had the campus police come to help, and sent Brenden away. Apparently, he circled back through the garage to ask me for my number, but I was already gone. He went home and asked his friends for help to track me down, and the next day sent me a message on Facebook asking if I’d like to get drinks with him. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

how they asked

Brenden’s birthday was later that week, so we decided that we would celebrate that Saturday by going out to dinner. He picked a restaurant on the North Shore of Pittsburgh that we had been to before once before they revamped their menu, claiming he was dying to try their orange-fennel chicken wings. Thinking nothing of it, I reserved a table at The Foundry and off we went. We walked in, and we were seated immediately. Brenden got up, claiming to “use the restroom,” and once he sat back down, the manager came over and told us that they actually had our table for a large party and ours wouldn’t be ready for another 15 minutes. I thought that was strange, as the restaurant was nearly empty, but I followed him outside.

Kelly and Brenden's Engagement in Pittsburgh, PA

Since we had some time to wait, we started strolling down the river path. At that point, I had a funny feeling that something was going to happen, but hadn’t fully pieced it together yet. We got to a point where we decided to turn around, and Brenden asked if I really wanted to eat at that restaurant. I was so confused – he picked it out for his birthday – why wouldn’t we eat there? But before I could say anything, he said “I have better plans,” and got down to one knee and asked me the easiest question I’ve ever been asked – “Will you marry me?” Of course, it was a yes!

Kelly's Proposal in Pittsburgh, PA

I heard some cheering and looked up, and at one of the overlooks saw both of our families! They rushed down and we exchanged huge hugs. Turns out, my sneaky fiance had been planning this for MONTHS!

We went off to our favorite restaurant and had a great family-style dinner in our own private room and truly just celebrated the beginning of two families joining together. It was so incredibly special. As we wrapped up dinner, Brenden insisted on going back to The Foundry to thank the manager for going along with his plan and kicking us out. Turns out they were never supposed to seat us, but thankfully the manager was able to act quickly and swiftly without me even noticing. We headed to the back room of the restaurant, where he supposedly was, and instead were greeted by a roomful of our friends and family! I was completely blown away by all of the love and support and celebrations everyone had in store for us!

It was absolutely perfect, and I am so incredibly lucky to get to love this thoughtful, kind, and caring man in my life forever. And who would’ve thought it would have all started with a dead car battery?

Special Thanks

Kaitlyn Larsen